2011 Lexus IS F rundown of upgrades

2011 Lexus IS F rundown of upgrades

The Lexus IS F sports sedan may have just debuted in the UAE and other GCC countries for the first time in 2011, but it has been around elsewhere since the 2008 model year. In fact, the Lexus IS F’s Middle East debut coincided with a 2011-specific upgrade. Also, we just wanted to make use of photos that were taken by Faisal Khatib back when we tested the car.

The main change is that the 417 hp 5.0-litre V8 engine has been brought in line with “Euro 5” emissions standards, meaning it is now slightly more environmentally-friendly without losing any performance.

For 2011, the car’s handling and stability were enhanced with the addition of a limited slip differential. In the latest raft of minor adjustments, the front and rear coil springs and shock absorbers have been revised to improve ride comfort. The rear suspension geometry has also been tweaked for greater stability under higher loads when accelerating, braking and cornering. Lexus claims that these and other changes also improve steering response.

Externally, the 2011 IS F has new LED running lights alongside the standard HID headlights. Inside, the IS F-specific instrument cluster has been fully redesigned, placing the tachometer and gear-shift indicator in the centre of the display. Silvery new carbon-fibre-effect trim has also been added on the centre console.

Read our full UAE road test or visit the Lexus IS buyer guide.

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  1. The only Lexus I love to see pimped is the Lexus LS400 (1995-2000).

  2. this is bomb !!!

  3. God, thats a big upgrade. I feel sorry for those who bought this car in the Middle East before the upgraded version came out. I mean the changes concentrate on driving dynamics and comfort. This is not a small difference. This actually defines a new car.

    Exterior and interior have also been affected by the change. Damn thats a pain in the rear man.

    Good luck Middle Easter IS-F owners. Find your car a sale, and get the upgrde one. Its almost another car!!!

  4. Beautiful rims !! 🙂

  5. best design in the lexus range

  6. I wonder if you guys prefer this IS-F over the cadillac CTS-V. They both cost the same. The CTS-V Sedan is cheaper, but the Coupe costs the same as this IS-F.

    But the CTS-V is an M5 and an E63 AMG competitor. So isn’t it a bargain? CTS-V has 556 HP! And looks much better than this, and has better interior.

    Just thought about this because one of my fiends was telling me he wants a CTS-V.

    • What do you say Mash? ^^^ ??? … Need to advice him … So help me out. I believe that the Lexus is better built isn’t it?

    • Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

      The Lexus is perfectly built, but the Caddy seems fine, except for a few flimsy interior bits. Hard to say in the long run.

    • Ok. Mash, is it true that the Middle East version of the CTS-V has 609HP and 793 lb-ft of torque available from 3800 rpm?

      Check this on their Middle East website, Qatar.

      The US version has the normal 556 HP unit.

      I researched this on the internet, and found out that our Octan 98 fuel gives it this extra 53 HP boost! This is what US people say about our version. They hate the idea that our version is more powerful than their’s. And the above is their justification.

      I will go to the dealer ane ask, but try to clear this out for me. I can’t wait till I get free time to go. I am very busy!

      This car is not a Sedan, its a super car. Doing 0-100 km/hr in 3.9 seconds. Thats insane. Crazy.

    • And one of the people on that US forum also said that this is Cadillac’s marketing strategy for the dump Middle East customers.

      I feel sorry for him man. He has never been to the Middle East. But is it really marketing, or are these real figures?

    • Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

      The bright U.S people don’t know that GM has been occassionally using GROSS hp figures in the GCC for years.

  7. They cannot beat the charm of a bmw.

  8. Killer IS! Must be engineered from the ex F1 Toyota plant in cologne germany. Super machine by Lexus.

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