Lexus LFA sold in UAE by invitation only

Lexus LFA sold in UAE by invitation only

Al-Futtaim Motors, the exclusive distributor for Lexus in the UAE, has announced that the Lexus LFA supercar will be displayed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from the 9th to the 19th of February this year. The “most powerful road-legal Lexus ever” is being put on show to give the poor masses a chance to see the LFA from a bit closer, but without touching, as the car will be sold by invitation only.

The Lexus LFA will be parked behind ropes at the entrance to Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace hotel on February 9th to the 12th, then at the Lexus showroom at Dubai’s Festival City on February 13th to the 15th, then at Dubai Mall from February 16th to the 19th.

Production of the LFA is limited to 500 units worldwide and purchase is by invitation only, and its purpose is to serve as the flagship ‘halo’ model for Lexus, so that it’s personality can somehow influence consumers to take a closer look at other Lexus models. Just look at what the Nissan GT-R did for the Altima, and the Honda NSX for the Civic, in terms of street cred.

The Lexus LFA has a 552 hp 4.8-litre V10 engine, good for a top speed of over 320 kph and a 0-100 kph time of 3.7 seconds. The body made of carbon-fibre and makes the car 100 kg lighter than an equivalent aluminium body.

Customers invited to buy the car can personalise the Lexus LFA in undefined ways, likely in terms of colour schemes inside and out. There are apparently enough customisable options to ensure no two identical models will exist in the UAE.

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  1. Now this is my best supercar. At least for the way it looks inside and out. No supercar compares with what Lexus have put here in terms of interior and exterior beauty. Really, its awesome.

  2. I wanna be a billionaire….. so, friggin’ bad…..

  3. ^

    very nice one. assuming a crazy price tag, i would rather go for porsche, ferrari or lambo, though..

  4. It is a really good car no one can deny that but in the same time it is overpriced and there are many other “Known” supercars and brands that perform better or the same with the same price or less, Toyota is making so much hype about this car as they are happy they managed to produce such a car. For 25 % of the LFA price I can go for the GT-R which has almost the same performance and unique looks.

    check this

  5. I somewhat agree on the price factor, cars like the GTR and a few other do have almost similar performance, but they are nowhere near in classss… Checkout some videos of the LFA’s Gaming styled dials and premier interior features. Besides the engine revs like crazyyy, GTR cant come close, the analogue dials cant keep up with how fast it the engine revs and so they made the dials LCD. M not a toyota fan but u have to give it credit,,,still doesnt justify the price though,,, it doesnt have that pedigree!! 😉

  6. This seems like a technology mule for toyota just like the Bugatti Veyron was for VW.. This gives a hope that Toyota might be bringing some interesting and affordable sports cars in the near future in light of the above.. So whether you can affrod it or not, is not the case but how it is meant to impact the future of Toyota’s technology base..
    Time they get out of their boring models they really depressed us for the past decade with boring cars..

  7. where to send invitation :P… ????
    or who to ask for invitation ??

    still unclear :P..

    • Author

      Hmm, you got me thinking. Typically, when Bugatti invites their existing fatcat customers to buy one of their special-edition bugs, that is understandable. But no other Lexus costs even half of the LFA, so Lexus would have to start inviting people from outside the Lexus customer database! Maybe you’ll get one too.

    • hahahah you got me thinking also…
      for seriously considering this car 😉

    • Where is my comment???

  8. I am actually invited, but I can’t get a leave from the office!

  9. The only thing I like about this car, is that it looks like its from another century!
    But price-wise and performance-wise… meh.
    A corvette can smoke this thing in a drag race. Even an Ariel atom can outrun it, so why the “eye-melting” price tag??? Am I paying just to be different from every other person on the street???

    • Yes this different price tag is for the exclusivity. This car is 60% carbon fiber alloy. You can customize it the way you want, and you will be the only one with it in the country,

      It sounds awesome. I think the corvette sounds like my ass.

      This car is very sophisticated, and must be priced this high, as producing it costs high.

      What is a corvette. Some plastic around a massive engine. Thats all about it. Its a rubbish car. Rubbish. Garbage. This Lexus is a diamond. Expensive, and exclusive.

      I dont know why we are criticising it. It performs like a ferrari. Come on. Its not that bad as you are describing it.

  10. is it true that they make no profit on this car?

    • Just like the Buggati Veyron.. Its an R&D exercise like I said above…

      Im sure its going to be something impressive as a performance machine but im not buying this design at all… Very dull and lacks all sorts of creativity.. Heck it looks like its from the 90s..

    • What he said ^^^^^^

  11. MOST of the guys invited to buy this are not going to give a rats ass if its faster than a vette or handles better than a GET yada yada…they are paying for the exclusivity, even Lexus knows this and that is exactly the point of this car. Lexus can then go around saying “oooh, look who drives our car…”

    In terms of design, yeah its allright. Maybe looks better in a color other than white. People who don’t know the speciality of the car though won’t really be bothered with it. My guess is this becomes more of a collectors item, especially if its rich folk buying it. They’ll be like “oh just put it next to my veyron…there…looks quite lovely I must say” 😉

  12. So Paris Hilton was recently gifted one of these. Now I definitely don’t want one even if invited (sic).

  13. lets just imagine,
    The car was made by a human with unique ideas that made it a unique car with a unique price….

    So if you guys expect to have something Powerful , Cheap , Unique.
    just check out on youtube for customized cars.
    Open your minds and Lower your wallets (*_*).

  14. I want to buy one of these LF-A cars , where can i get them from ?

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