Dubai Salik toll gates may get two more locations

Dubai Salik toll gates may get two more locations

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, better known as the RTA, has picked two more roads in Dubai to tack on Salik toll gates, in a proposal that has yet to be approved.

According to Gulf News, one of the new locations will be at Al Ittihad Road near the Dubai Police headquarters, and the second location is somewhere in Ghusais, as per an unidentified senior official. However, no final decision has been taken to install the Salik toll gates yet, waiting on permission from “higher authorities”.

Dubai was the first city in the Middle East to introduce the road toll system in the summer of 2007, with automatic toll gates now installed at two ends of the Shaikh Zayed Road and one each on Garhoud bridge and Maktoum bridge, with a charge of Dhs 4 to cross any of those roads.

The RTA claims that Salik toll gates have reduced congestion on these roads by 30% to 45%, while generating Dhs 800 million last year.

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  1. 30-45% of the traffic was reduced last year as a lot of expats had fled the country due to recession. Current situation on Sheikh Zayed road is pay the toll and still get stuck in traffic jams.

    Thank-you RTA

  2. It is the matter that government should take action, not the RTA.

    Most of the people shifted to Sharjah because of low rents. And many of them work in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. And most of family’s condition is like if husband is working in Abu Dhabi, wife will be in Dubai or Sharjah or may be the opposite. So they do have an option to shift to Abu Dhabi. Dubai government should find a place so that these people live in a place where they can get easy access to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and also with low rents.

  3. this is just to earn some money….they should introduce tax system instead of salik or parking fee…

  4. Agreed. Salik has done nothing but increase expenses. The roads are still congested. This is no different than road tax(a very high one). UAE is lucrative due to its tax free nature, well not for long, a lot of expats have fled and more will leave, slowly companies will have to increase pay to allow expats to afford a living, or shutdown, and UAE’s economy will eventually suffer. Expats are the backbone of this respected country. They should not be exploited.

  5. Requuest to RTA, Please change the Salik toll gate name to MMM gates, Money Minting Machines for RTA.

  6. one correction, the unpublished amount of revenues of “Halik” is US$ 900 million or AED 3.4 billion for 2010, so you may say that THE purpose of Halik system is generating revenues no more. there are plans to install gates on Emirates road and Al-Khail road too.

  7. i heard the new gate is comming up somewhere near the airport tunnel before the beirut road…dubai is finding new ways to pay off their debts…dubai shows new ways of making money but ultimate ppl who masters the art is abu dhabi…dubai started paid parking with 1 and 2 dhs…abu dhabi went 1 step ahead with 2 and 3 dhs that too without afternoon break…now i am sure abu dhabi would start toll system with 6 or 8 dhs…UAE is not directly tellin expatriates to get lost but surely indirectly they are giving the message if u cant afford leave the country…

  8. Well acording to bla bla bla source one day all roads will have salik and 100% traffic will be reduced.
    All of us will sell our cars to pay salik therfore no cars will be available.100% reduction in traffic mission acomplished.

  9. This salik is not actually gonna reduce traffic congestion.. infact its jus gonna increase traffic congestion.

    they maybe able to reduce traffic on,say, Al Ithihad road. but at the same time it will increase traffic on alternate routes…alot more coz people will use alternate routes to avoid this salik..

  10. The more salik gates they open the more new alternate routes they should build… I find it slightly easier and convient to travel in Dubai as its no longer a head ache like it was in the past.. The real issue is Sharjah and the routes leading from Dubai to Sharjah.. They need to build more exits from this city as its a nightmare to enter and exit it during rush hour.. Otherwise Dubai, I have to admit traffic isnt that bad as it used to be…

    • Author

      Yes, I am on two minds with this. One is my pocket becomes lighter, but the truth is the Salik roads are clearer during non-peak hours (even if still crowded during peak), while before all roads were crowded all the time. Of course, the recession has helped a lot too.

  11. One day will come , only police & RTA cars will remain on the road

  12. I Guess Motor Bikes Are Becoming More Convenient In Dubai , Specially Later After The installation Of other two Halik tags.

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