Bentley Continental GT 2012 launched in UAE

Bentley Continental GT 2012 launched in UAE

Al Habtoor Motors, the official dealer of Bentley in the UAE, has launched the Bentley Continental GT as a 2012 model at an event in Dubai. Changes are limited to new front and rear fascias, as well as a new engine.

The new 2012 Bentley Continental GT, first revealed last year in Europe, is powered by the Bentley’s acclaimed V12, 567 hp 6.0-litre unit with 700 Nm of torque. The new model has increased power, torque and fuel efficiency. he uniquely-designed ‘W’ configuration engine is supposedly the most compact V12 engine in the world.

Attached to the powerful engine is a new 6-speed Quickshift auto transmission that reduces gear change times by 50%, helping the car reach 0-100 kph in 4.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 318 kph.

The Continental GT utilises an all-wheel-drive with a 40:60 front/rear split power ratio, as well as an advanced suspension system with features like Intelligent Continuous Damping Control, which automatically adjusts the suspension depending on driving conditions.

The new Continental GT also attempts to be environmentally-friendly, thanks to its ability to run on sustainable bio-fuels and run seamlessly on petrol, E85 bioethanol or any combination of the two. Too bad that doesn’t really matter in a region that is E85-free.

Keep track of UAE prices and GCC updates in the Bentley Continental GT buyer guide.

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  1. the car is simply awesum 😀

  2. already one in Oman and its much bigger than the earlier one, a total beauty

  3. already one in Oman , its much bigger than the earlier one ,looks fabulous

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