Dodge Charger 2011 and Dodge Durango 2011 in the UAE

Dodge Charger 2011 and Dodge Durango 2011 in the UAE

The heavily-revised 2011 Dodge Charger and the totally-new 2011 Dodge Durango were launched in the UAE, at a media event held in the underground parking lot of the Festival City Mall in Dubai, followed by a free premiere screening of The Fast & The Furious 5 movie, which prominently features the new Charger.

The 2011 Dodge Charger can be had with a 292 hp 3.6-litre V6 and a 5-speed automatic in SE trim or a 370 hp 5.7-litre V8 and a 5-speed automatic in SE and R/T trim. The SRT8 with the 465 hp 6.4-litre V8 will come next year as a 2012 model. Notable features include new soft-touch interior materials and options such as navigation, blind-spot detection, collision warning, rear camera, adaptive cruise control, 18-inch or 20-inch wheels, heated/cooled cup-holders and more.

The full-size rear-wheel-drive Charger sedan is priced rather competitively. The V6 Express model starts at Dhs 96,700, topping out with the V6 Lux model at Dhs 109,400. The V8 Full House model starts at Dhs 110,100, with a mid-range V8 Lux model at Dhs 119,600, and topping out with the V8 R/T for Dhs 122,800.

The 2011 Dodge Durango can be had with the nearly-similar engine choices, namely a 290 hp 3.6-litre V6 and a 360 hp 5.7-litre V8, both with a 5-speed automatic and all-wheel-drive. Special features are the same as those in the Charger, including a soft-touch interior, three-row seating and an “AWD Low” setting for the transfer case.

The stretched midsize Durango SUV is priced reasonably. The single V6 Express goes for Dhs 115,600. The base V8 Crew starts at Dhs 135,100, with a mid-range V8 Crew Lux model at Dhs 150,500, topping out with a V8 Citadel model at Dhs 177,900.

Keep in mind that there may be possible dealer markups on top of these official prices. The Charger, both new and old, both feature in the Fast Five movie that’ll honestly make you want to trash and smash police cars. You’ll see what we mean after you watch the movie.

Keep track of GCC specs and updates soon in the Dodge buyer guide.

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  1. Hi Mash,

    Could we expect a review for the durango any time soon ?

  2. where are the pictures clicked by you?

  3. Thats superb pricing packages there unless the dealer chooses to mess it up; hope they won’t..

  4. Mash did you get those prices from dodge USA??? You have managed to get every mentioned price wrong.PLease recheck with them, My brother just booked the mid option R/T for 130 k.I was there 2 days ago and they didnt have any of the prices that you mentioned.

    • Author

      “Keep in mind that there may be possible dealer markups on top of these official prices.”

  5. dodge stepping up their game I c

  6. The Express starts at 105k.
    So 10k markup by the dealer.

    I was told just 4 weeks back by Dodge Uae That the new Charger wont becoming before August, and that it will start at 110k.

    I would have chosen it over the Taurus if it was 95k, but I will go for the Taurus now.

  7. Sorry Mash ,i missed that .But I dont recollect you mentioning actual price against dealer mark ups before,That said there is 10 k mark up across and a whopping 23k for the r/t while the durango has an average mark up of 15 k.The durango ,i did feel was hardly priced too high.I want to mention this is that if you go there now one sales personel will tell you that the BLIS and ACC is standard while the other person will tell you that they will not bring it for the next batch as it is a further 10 k premium from what they quote presently.intresting….

  8. Charger looks like a worth car.. That interior is quite nicely done.. but that dodge viper like line on the front doors looks completely out of place..

  9. Mouth watering specs, looks (charger) and the pricess….

  10. I checked with the dodge dealer and the fully loaded charger R/T with all specs and 20” rims costs 144k

    • more than 20 grand mark-up?! Not so appealing anymore in terms of performance since a Lumina SS is a cheaper option with just 10 hp less, but gets a 6-speed auto.

      Looks-wise though, this thing kills it!

  11. i understand the markups are on MSRP prices?
    If so, it will be funny that in US they generally discount from MSRP, and if a car is in high demand they sell at MSRP. Here if a car is in low demand they sell at MSRP, and otherwise they jack it up even more.
    However i am thanful we are mot in malaysia where a Civic costs around 130k dhs !

  12. correct me if i am wrong, but this Durango seems to use the same chassis as the latest Jeep Grand Cherokee does, isn’t it?

    • Author

      The Durango rides on a stretched version of the Jeep platform, so it has 3 rows of seats.

  13. @ Saif Qazi.

    Yes you are absolutely right, even the interiors are remarkably similar which can be a disadvantage depending on the way you look at it.

  14. Nice price points…if the R/T can top out at 135ish that would still be a steal, although something tells me not gonna happen 🙂

  15. Hi all,

    just called AlFuttaim and prices and trims are as follows:

    V6: single trim (in the brochure they say 2 trims!!): price – 120k (very basic options)

    V8: 145k

    the car is available in stock

    if you notice the price for the first two, doesn’t differ from what Mash reported (only 5k) but it blows up with the last two (nearly 20k). tomorrow i’m going to see the car and compare it with the Jeep GS

    Cheers 🙂

  16. This car can tow a giant 10 ton safe and take it for a cruise around the streets of Rio.. Not to mention burning enough rubber to change some 4 sets of tires in a row.. Its a good investment if you intend to steal a 100 million $$$.. After that you steal the money you can ditch the car, fake some passports and documents then disappear and buy yourself a dodge challenger to drive around in Goa…

  17. the charger is a nice car.

    although i think it very disappointing that the front looks very much the same as before. the rear, however, is a nice piece of car!!!

    at that price, there arent many other sedanes that have the look and feel i think

  18. Well, the Charger is definitely an awesome car with its retro looks. The only thing is we cannot customize anything here unlike in States. The dealers here show a “take it, or leave it” attitude. Can’t even add xenon for the top end model of V6 😐 Its not only goes for any american cars here in UAE!!!

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