Audi A1 in the UAE in more ways than one

Audi A1 in the UAE in more ways than one

You may have heard by now that Audi has launched their Mini-wannabe model, the A1, in the UAE. Armed with a 122 hp 1.4-litre “TFSI” engine, women and girly-men are being lured by various promotional activities for the A1, including product placements around malls, big billboards on the streets, and overly-positive “reviews” in local magazines. If you really want this front-wheel-drive supermini though, you can wait for this one. Caught by one of our readers, Nabeal Malik, it looks to be a higher-spec Audi A1 model.

This bandaged car could be one of two things. It is either a 122 hp A1 with an “S-Line” body kit, or more likely, a 185 hp model that debuted in Europe, packing a higher-tuned version of the same engine as well as the “S-Line” kit. It’s hard to tell Audi models apart so we cannot be sure. For all we know, it could be an A1 or RS1, though that is unlikely.

The base 2011 Audi A1 starts at Dhs 89,900 in the UAE.

Keep track of updates in the Audi buyer guide.

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  1. Why would anyone buy this car is beyond me… -_-

  2. ugly
    no market in europe
    lets dump it in UAE

  3. better buy Yaris
    half price and almost no operating cost

  4. they started with Q7, then to fill a gap, they introduced a smaller version of Q7, that is Q5. and now this A1 rougly looks the same as Q5 but again, a smaller version of it. Nice innovative piece of design engineering..^o)

  5. i’d rather have a civic with a body kit for that money.

  6. the front is acceptable…..just…. but the back of it makes it look like a mini-minivan :O 😛

  7. recently they were exhibiting this at Dubai Mall and offering test drives.

  8. Where are these positive local reviews?

  9. Awesome car! Audi’s customers are known worldwide. So, if you cannot afford buying one, don’t say that you are willing to substitute it by another car. There is a HUGE difference between Honda and Audi guys!? haha

    • yes audi customers are known worldwide as “cocks” according to Jeremy Clarkson. i can see why. honda is around the same price now.

  10. This site is turning into a forum for exchanging strange views and foul language.

    I only visit this site to see how biased and unprofessional reviews can distort facts. And you dare to complain about not being invited to launches!!!!!

    Had Q7 for over 1 year now. Excellent performance, safety, technology and options. Indulging luxury with no problems whatsoever and for a price that is very close to a prado.

    I am supposed to throw all these facts away becuase a biased reviewer wishes to challenge a giant car marker.

  11. Japanese cars are overpriced and expensive, i personally would opt for a euro car with more premium performance and quality instead.. Lets be a bit realistic for a while.. I understand the Yen is shooting high right now which is 1 reason why Japanese cars are expensive.. But priced as expensive as a premium car please, give me a break…

  12. To: S.P
    I TOTALLY agree with “unknown” , his idea is LOGIC and REAL. so no need to argue! no need to say which one is better.
    honda suits you and it’s your type :0,
    and audi suits US hahahaha 🙂

  13. Are you sure you guys dont know each other… 😀

  14. We all know that the owner of this website can easily edit some MAJOR things….

    So don’t play games with me (KCB).

    —————–END OF DISCUSSION—————–

  15. i just feel that there are a lot of unknowns here 😉

  16. i like this car, and i don’t know what people will say to me, really…not bad design,but i can called it “simple”, im just waiting to check a full review about A1,and by the way if you will focus on the old A3 3doors verison you will feel it same not that huge diffrent,bit only its got that cut from backside and it a little bit smaller.

    …Thats all

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