3rd DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage

3rd DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage

What was supposed to simply be a quick mini-meet in celebration of being the first one to review the 2011 Dodge Charger SE turned out to be better than expected, as six people turned up at the Dubai Outlet Mall location. Advertised only on our Facebook fan-page and our MyRide forums, it was to be an event for our top fans, as everyone was treated to a Burger King/KFC dinner, sponsored by us, and everyone got a chance to take the Charger for a spin around the block with no strings attached, an unannounced bonus for showing up. We hung out for more than three hours and everyone had tons of fun stories to share.

Many could not make it this time due to other commitments, but we might have more of these weekend mini-meets if we get an interesting showcase car. Everybody loved the Dodge Charger, and they’d agree it is one of the best cars in the world. While there will be no more test-drives, I’d say you’d enjoy our gatherings of regular guys and previews of new cars.

Most photos by Vivek “Oberoi” Menon.

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  1. Author

    Before anyone says anything, Dubai Outlet Mall is not “far” away. It took me 15 minutes to go from Karama to the mall, driving at 10 kph over the limit, with hardly any cars on the road. It takes longer to go to Media City. Thanks to Vivek, Hammad, Abdul, Sarin, Davis and Saif (from Abu Dhabi!) for showing up.

  2. I wish i knew about it i would gladly come, next time inshallah

  3. I wish I was there too….. 🙁

  4. Looks like the guys had some good fun. @ Mash , enough of the ‘top fans’ bit already, we get the message. Myself and Im sure quite a few other guys were genuinely held back or else we’d make it too. Inshallah next time we shall meet, regardless of the treat 😉

    • Author

      Whachu on about. I know people have other things to do. I was notified by various people that Thursday was a bad day. The next one will be on a Saturday, whenever that happens.

    • My bad, guess that came out wrong 😛

      But will try my best to meet you and the rest of the guys in your next meet.

    • Author

      No worries dude. Just come next time 🙂

    • Cool!

      By the way, just saw your message on FB … Its good to know that things finally seem to be getting better between DA and VW. ((APPLAUSE))

    • Author

      Yeah. Unfortunately Audi is handled by different people. And Mercedes is now handled by VW’s former people!

  5. Nice pics Mash, Would love to join u on the next meet whenever it happens.

  6. Thank god I didn’t show up there, otherwise my mustang was going to steal the show from this new charger .

  7. just kidding,
    i really feel sorry that i missed the meet like everytime.

  8. How we can join this meeting. any membership or registration ? its really nice to be at drivearabia.com.

    • Author

      No membership required, but you have to join the Facebook page or the forums to keep track of the next meet announcement.

  9. I wish i was in dubai to join u guys. I am in qatar and hope that some day i will get a chance to meet the guys who are behind this most awesome website.

  10. I liked the new 2011 Dodge’s.. but I’m still waiting to see Caliber from you guys, sadly it does not have all the options that Charger have..

    • Author

      Forget the current Caliber. It’s awful. Wait for the next one.

    • I know it’s awful specially when you compare it with Charger… regarding the Caliber 2012, I’m still searching for info about it, but I’m looking forward more info as what I saw in the last week when I was searching for it it was just rumours and small info’s as it will be replaced by new model and probably will be inspired by Alfa Romeo Giulietta but I don’t know any thing more !!

  11. Is it there any such a meeting can happen in Riyadh… Eagerly waiting to ride this beast. IA.

  12. damn i missed it!! i really wantd to come!! hope i ll join you guys in the next plan!! n Thanks for arranging such events!!

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