Video of the week: Parking nightmare

Video of the week: Parking nightmare

Watch what happens when an idiot parks their car, blocking the way for a bunch of other cars. Some of you living in the UAE can identify with this. Looks like it happens in Europe too. The ending is hilarious.

What do you think?



  1. lol. its really frustrating when you see a car parked blocking your way. Once my Dad’s car was blocked and we tried various ways to get out but couldn’t succeed. Finally some 5-6 kind hearted Pathans came and lifted our car from the rear (with whole family seated inside!) and rotated it in such a way that the car came out easily.

  2. hehehe, if i was the dude, i would just call the cops

  3. Funny 🙂
    But this is not Europe. This is Russia. Look at that old blue Lada 🙂
    Russians… Yeah yeah we are funny 🙂 But idiots are everywhere )

    • Europe is no different, been regularly there on official trips, people rushing to train, skipping line in shopping malls, not giving sides on road, lack of parking spaces, taxes, wrong parkings…

  4. Anyone have any idea which is that silver car which is blocked? It looks nice from top.

  5. it looks like the owner of the car which was blocking the road was waiting for everyone to leave..
    if he had walked in a little earlier he would have been beaten up or shot! 🙂

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