Renault Mégane Renaultsport 265 Trophy revealed

Renault Mégane Renaultsport 265 Trophy revealed

Renault, the French carmaker known for their weirdly-designed cars, has now revealed their latest 2012 Mégane Renaultsport 265 Trophy hot hatch ahead of its debut at an event in Nurburgring, Germany.

Boasting 265 hp and 360 Nm of torque, 15 hp and 20 Nm torque more than the outgoing Mégane Renaultsport 250 model, the new hatch can hit 100 kph in 6 seconds flat and the top speed is well over 250 kph. Features include F1-inspired Bridgestone Potenza RE050A tyres, Recaro seats, “yellow” seatbelts, Brembo brakes, 19” Speedline alloys in gloss black with red rim, standard Liquid Yellow metallic paint, ‘Trophy’ red decals, LED daytime running lights and Renaultsport Monitor for live performance statistics.

To keep it exclusive only 500 units of this model shall be produced, none for the UAE, Saudi or GCC market. The hatch shall go on sale in Europe from 20th of this month. For a tag that reads approximately Dhs 170,000, we are really not sure if there is anyone around here who would fall for the “yellow” seatbelts or the jaw-dropping performance figures, but the Mégane Renaultsport 265 does look hot.

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  1. this this just broke the lap record for FWD cars at the ‘ring :O

  2. Isn’t the Renault Clio RS in the buyers guide be getting similar models as Civic Type-R, Seat Leon Cupra R, Pegeout 207 RC instead of Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 207, Toyota Yaris.

    • Technically the Clio is the size of the Yaris. And 207 RC is bunched under 207. No other competitors exist really.

    • I feel the Renault Clio RS compete with cars like Civic Type R. Clio can beat Type R in a race with curves but not straights.

    • The Clio and Megane are class leaders interms of performance and handling… People who bought them got addicted to these cars… Unfortunately they fall short interms of reliability…

      Any Renault owner that tells you its a great car just says 1 side of the story…

    • But haven’t the new Renaults improved in terms of reliability?

    • I only trust our Safrane.

    • I have heard input from clio 200 owners about the issues….

    • I test drove the Clio RS once in the showroom. It feels few points better than the Civic Type-R. It has better supporting racing seats. It has enough low end torque. It felt really simple inside making me feel it might be less prone to faults.

  3. What about the copyright © .. I think they stole the Volkswagen Scirocco design !!
    So bad i hate that 🙁

  4. They are amazing cars but the problem is they are renaults…

    • ROJ

      i cant understand where you are getting this information from? yes, renault did have a reputation (around ten years ago) for build not so a well put together cars, but i have owned 2 renaultsports thus far and have NEVER had any problems. I now own the new rs250 and absolutely LOVE it, and thats coming from someone who previously owned a lancer evolution ix.

      whil they are now better built, the old renaults suffered from only simple build issues with interior and exterior. Mechanically though, they were, are, and always have been VERY strong. I am member of the clio forums in the uk and many have seen over 100,000 miles of hard driving and havent missed a beat.

      go and drive one man, youll be converted!

  5. I own a 2008 model(full spec) and I can see why it’s so popular in Europe. The handling of the car is fantastic and with the exception of the glovebox lid the build quality is extremely good. It’s always a pleasure to drive and I have driven Camry’s and Accord’s and when it comes to handling the Mondeo wins hands down! I just wish Ford would bring the STi or RS Focus to the UAE!!

  6. I owned both a the original clio Williams and a megane team f1. Both cars caused zero reliabilty issues. I owned an wrx sti same no issues until I went for the 2.5 hawk…ringland failure at 30kmiles. Owned many evos too..engine great clutch and gear box poor and ayc pump prone to costly failure. The gti I owned was superb bit boring. I would love to own a megane rs but I live in doha and they don’t have anything like this here and also won’t order one in for me either. Very poor.

  7. I think most do not realise that there is a huge difference between RS models and normal models of Renault. CLio RS and Megane RS are made in France. Other standard models are economic models. Considering RS models are made for performance, you cant compare Clio RS and Megane RS to Fiesta, Yaris (?!) . In terms of price over performance, the CLio RS and Megane RS wins over their competitors. There are plus and minus points when making one-to-one comparison to say Golf R and Megane RS, or Clio RS to MiniCooper JCW. But in terms of affordability, credit goes to Renault.

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