Lexus LS600h L Landaulet to serve royal wedding

Lexus LS600h L Landaulet to serve royal wedding

So it is the Lexus LS600h L Landaulet that is in limelight here, and not the wedding ceremony of H.H Prince Albert II of Monaco for which the LS600h L Landaulet was exclusively designed and prepared. Just as the fate of the German makers of the only other Landaulet model is hanging on a thin strand of cobweb, Lexus marches in boldly with their finest piece of engineering till date.

This one-of-a-kind LS600h L Landaulet will be a hybrid vehicle featuring Lexus’ Hybrid Drive technology, allowing the vehicle to run on power from it’s electric motors alone during most of the “royal” tour – a 5.0-litre V8 gasoline engine takes care of any extra power that may be required. For those who do not know, a Landaulet is a design where the vehicle sports a convertible top only for the back seat – the front seat may or may not have a roof. The Lexus LS600h L Landaulet features a demountable lightweight one-piece transparent polycarbonate roof with no reinforcements or pillars, sourced from a French company specialized in manufacture of transparent component solutions for the aviation industry.

Apparently, the complex conversion process took over 2000 hours to complete. The process included extensive computer-aided design calculations, simulations and 3D modelling, and involved stripping down about 20,000 mechanical parts, electronic components and interior features and upholstery. Lexus also faced a tough task of maintaining the vehicle’s performance and safety aspects after the removal of roof and pillars. Lexus claims that the reassembly was carefully executed so as to ensure highest levels of quality while retaining the safety and performance aspects of the original car.

We do not know if this marks the birth of a new trend; nevertheless, the LS 600h L is truly a marvel which proves Lexus’ strengths when it comes to manufacturing exceptional luxury vehicles.

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  1. Impressive!!

  2. still not as good as the maybach

  3. Toyota does anything. I want them to make an IS-F with manual transmission just for ME…. ^_^

    • A million please!…and u’ll get free sunshade n free first service!

    • Feels like Lexus guys can expect me soon. I liked their service compared to what they were few years back. But their service cost more for the extra GOOD MORNING and stuffs……

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