Bridgestone launches fuel-saving Ecopia tyre in GCC

Bridgestone launches fuel-saving Ecopia tyre in GCC

Bridgestone Middle East has just launched the ECOPIA EP100A tyre for the Middle East and Africa markets, at an event in Dubai, UAE. Bridgestone “rises up to the challenge in helping our planet” with this tyre, which apparently saves fuel thanks to lower rolling resistance.

In their words, “fuel efficiency is a key to reducing CO2 emissions during driving, which in turn helps our planet on the prevention of global warming while valuing natural resources.” The Bridgestone’s ECOPIA EP100A tyre is an “environmentally-friendly tyre which provides good balance on performance with better lower rolling resistance that result to enhanced fuel efficiency.” Their comparative tests showed that ECOPIA improves fuel efficiency by 3.1% compared to a standard Bridgestone B250 tyre.

Compared to the B250, the ECOPIA tyre apparently offers similar dry and wet grip even though rolling resistance is reduced, while braking distance is seemingly not compromised at all.

The ECOPIA’s compound is a “combination of silica with a coupling agent that compared to conventional ones reduces heat generation and energy loss; its innovative tyre shape controls stress and deformation during driving; the rib-linked blocks uniform ground contact when braking and deliver an enhanced stopping performance, even in wet conditions.”

The ECOPIA EP100A will be available in the Middle East & Africa markets in the third quarter of this year. The premium tyre costs about 10-15% more than a conventional tyre, and Bridgestone is banking on rising fuel prices to make this tyre more attractive, with 3% fuel savings over the long run. It will initially be available in sizes for compact cars and midsize sedans.

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  1. I can’t seem to understand the savings aspect here .3% is quite an insignificant number compared to the 10_15% premium as this will be much higher at the dealer .

    I also hear of another brand that Al rostamani has which I beleive offers something similar,has anybody heard of it?It starts with S..

    • Author

      3% over, say, 50,000 km might add up to more than the extra cost of the tyre. But I don’t know the math, since I don’t know the price.

  2. Dear Ronnie

    3% is fuel efficiency compared to their standard tyre B250 which is already been certified by eco friendly in many parts of the world including GCC.

    In short this 3% against their tyre would be much more compared to other competitor tyres.

  3. I think ronnie is confused between 0.3 and 3.1, in fact 3 % is good improved to be achieved through tires alone

  4. I know a better way to get more fuel economy. Buy a vehicle with manual transmission.

  5. Why buy a cycle or go to office walking…LOL.

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