Toyota RAV-4 EV to enter mass production

Toyota RAV-4 EV to enter mass production

The world’s leading automaker, Toyota, has officially announced the mass-production of their second generation RAV-4 EV (Electric Vehicle), in collaboration with Tesla, an electric-vehicle and EV powertrain manufacturer.

Apparently, Tesla shall supply Toyota with the required electric powertrain which includes the battery, motor, gear box and power electronics for the RAV-4 EV. The electric powertrains shall be developed by Tesla at their own facility before being shipped to Toyota for final assembly into the vehicle. Specifications of the vehicles are unknown, though early prototypes had a 660-pound lithium-ion battery pack with a total capacity of 50 kWh, of which 37 kWh is useable energy. The prototypes were capable of hitting 100 kph in about nine seconds and reaching a top speed of slightly over 160 kph. Toyota promises an estimated range of 160 km from a single charge. The EV shall also feature a unique front and rear end styling, LED fog lamps, 18-inch alloy wheels, Smart key system with push button start, touch screen DVD navigation system and a combination of synthetic leather and fabric seating surfaces.

Prices for the RAV 4 EV shall be announced at a later date. Expecting the EV to show up in this region is like expecting a rooster to lay eggs, with fuel prices still being cheap enough and even semi-electric vehicles not gaining enough popularity. Nevertheless, you know such a thing exists.

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    • Sorry Cherry, you’re right this CUV wont be a *#*# extension for you and all your meathead f-350 gas guzzeling resource consuming buds. It will however suffice for 90% of the driving needs of the rest of the US public that do not need any masculine reassurance.

  2. Don’t worry gents will follow 🙂 soon, especially with petrol prices fluctuating, petrol pumps running dry. How long world can hold, we will see soon.

  3. Toyota needs to seriously start hiring automotive designers.


  5. 0 to 100….. 2 years….. 😛
    Its way better to buy a small petrol engine fuel efficient car than electric ones.

  6. Quite True,Similarly a Tucson or Sportage can never compete with RAV4’s or CRV’s reliability.

  7. Rahul seems bit lost with idea of EVs It’s not all about 0-100 really. Never was and will not for foreseeable future. May be Tesla Roadster will be the one for you. This is for more normal people 😀

  8. I’m thinking of buying a new suv car.. I can’t decide which!! My options are RAV4, Sorento and the new 2012 Tucson.. I have read alot about them and they suit my budget.. Which one should I buy.. HELP ME..

  9. There is always some hired oil company pinhead saying things like “that could be faster” or “that doesn’t go very far” or “nobody would ever want that.”

    I actually own a F350 on my farm and a couple tractors that don’t exactly get great mileage. To be honest, I’m going to trade in my other 2 vehicles for electric within the next 2 years. For 98% of my usual driving it’s not even going to be an issue and I live out in the boonies.

    I’d rather have electric than pay to maintain all that other crap like exhaust systems, oil changes, coolant systems, fuel systems and pumps, water systems and pumps – heck I’m sure my dealership is already crying in their beer. I’d rather have 16-18 moving parts to deal with in an electric motor rather than several hundred to deal with in a conventional engine and it’s support systems and all of the wear and tear I’m going to end up having to pay for because they engineer it that way to keep us all on the hook.

    And oh yeah, I’m definitely going to crank up my middle finger as I go past the gas station as well.

    So you folks writing for the oil company (I had a friend that did it for Shell) you go ahead and keep up the good work and cranking out the exact same comments. I’ve seen 4 of the comments here posted word for word elsewhere. I guess your bosses are getting a little worried but you might want to change things up a bit. lol

  10. Anytime an EV is mentioned you can count on the same old tired variations of the unimaginative comments:
    CHERRY sprained his brain in order to come up with that juvenile comment, as if electricity is a female-only domain.

    BJD has some equally mysterious advice for the world’s largest and most successful automotive manufacturer. If your advice was worth anything, you’d be paid for it.

    Rahul Jones makes a fool of himself by displaying his ignorance of all things automotive. The RAV 4EV’s 0-100 time is the same as that of the Camry. Care to mock the Camry, Rahul?

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