Toyota Camry 2012 sedan revealed

Toyota Camry 2012 sedan revealed

Toyota has revealed the “new” 2012 Camry midsize sedan in the United States. And it looks a whole lot like the outgoing model.

The 2012 Toyota Camry will be offered with a standard 2.5-litre 4-cylinder “Dual VVT-i” engine, with 178 hp and 230 Nm of peak torque. Estimated fuel economy is 8.4 litres/100 km, a fair bit better than the old model. The U.S. market will also be getting a carryover 268 hp 3.5-litre V6 and a new 200 hp 2.5-litre 4-cylinder hybrid engine. All models get a 6-speed automatic. The SE version gets sports suspension and a body kit.

The interior has been completely redesigned, and the U.S. model gets a standard 6.1-inch screen and six speakers, with options such as a rear camera, navigation and the new Entune multimedia system. The top-of-the-line audio is equipped with a new 7-inch Premium HDD navigation system with Entune and JBL. This system offers a new split-screen feature that allows for simultaneously displaying navigation and audio information. Toyota also offers the new JBL GreenEdge audio system that combines an eight-channel amplifier and door-mounted “acoustic lens” speakers, to provide a high-quality sound.

In the United States, the base LE grade features standard 16-inch wheels, the SE comes standard with five-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels and the V6 SE offers the first 18-inch alloy wheels on a Camry. The latter feature is a unique twist-spoke design with 225/45R18 all-season tires. Camry SE models will also include tires that have more grip. The Camry XLE comes standard with 17-inch alloy wheels featuring an elegant 10-spoke design.

All U.S. 2012 Camry models are equipped with 10 standard airbags, including a driver’s and front passenger’s knee airbag. The front-passenger’s knee airbag and rear-seat side airbags are new to Camry. Like all U.S. Toyota models, the Camry will feature Toyota’s Star Safety System standard, which includes Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist. It also features the standard Smart Stop Technology brake-override system. An electronic tyre pressure monitoring system is standard equipment. The new available Blind Spot Monitor uses radar to detect vehicles in the driver’s blind spots.

The GCC-spec version of the 2012 Toyota Camry should become available in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other Middle East countries by the end of the year. The Toyota Camry is imported from Australia for our local market. Pricing for the U.S. model has been substantially reduced compared to the old model, although it remains to be seen how it goes with the GCC version.

Keep track of future prices and updates in the Toyota Camry buyer guide.

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  1. Just recycling their old designs.Change the front head lamp and rear u get a new camry 2012.Just boring !

  2. New Camry Receipe: Take the earlier version of camry (the one before the current) + Add Tweaked front grills of a Honda Civic + Add “confused styling” tail lamps + Add a Boring Interior

  3. I don’t understand why the people blame on the style. See the interior, They have reduced weight added more features and further reduced the price, what else you expect from a midsize japanese sadan which is still the most reliable car?

    • There is a huge improvement in terms of the interior design and features from the previous model. Apart from the new Navigation and Multimedia system, stuff like the blind spot monitor, smart keyless entry/start-stop switch; tyre pressure monitoring system; tiptronic gear with steering wheel paddle shifters (look closely @ pic 10); & airbags for rear passengers are some neat added features to an otherwise boring family car.

      You cant judge a book by its cover.

    • The question is how much of that will come to the UAE…I’m guessing two airbags and that’s about it…

    • People are hating on the style because it is boring and uninspired. Just because it’s a mid size sedan doesn’t mean they need to screw us over on the design(Look at the optima/sonata).

      All I’m asking for is some clean and a good flow to the exterior design. This car looks like they took a box and drew some lights on it.

      Toyota are just milking the consumers, they know that people are going to buy the cars regardless so they’re not really putting in any effort.

  4. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. i question the wisdom of importing from australia… with Aussie exchange rate higher than US isnt it wise to import from the US?…

    only Toyota HQ can make that call i guess, AFM doesnt seem to care only charge silly service charges, lame service, maintain their absurd mark ups


  7. The V30 was the best Camry Generation out there… Spacious, genuine, luxurious, spacious, quiet and very spacious..

  8. Oddly it looks smaller than the outgoing model but then that might be attributed to the boxy design. I don’t hate the styling cause I thought they’d do worse but this is surely not in line with what the competitors are selling apart from the uber boring Accord…

  9. I dont think so accord is that boring, now adays I only see Accord on the roads more than altima and camry..

  10. looks more like a stretched out corolla…

  11. What did they think? chip off a part of the rear light and it will be stylish? At least the interior is better.

  12. looks like a wannabe Chinese car! But the interior seems to have improved. Regardless, this one will sell as long as the taxi companies and narrow mindedness exist! 😀

  13. Toyota introduced a bigger Corolla with the name of Camry…….

  14. any clue on the price?

  15. It does look like a stretched corolla…

    Even with paddle shifts and buttons on steering, they still stick with the knob for cruise stupid is that?

  16. Front : Honda-ish
    Rear : Hyundai-ish
    Side : Corolla Copy
    Interior : Old camry with steering like chevrolet cruze

    S U C K S!

  17. The exterior is so so…
    But the interior is really a giant leap forward, not only compared to the previous camry but ALL midsize sedans in the price range.
    I’ve sat in the Accord, Sonata, Altima, Mazda6Ultra, Fusion, etc, etc
    None of them have a leather trimmed dash or a 6.1 full colour screen.
    C’mon guys, give em credit for when its due..

  18. I think it looks better in the darker colors, looks just mundane in silver/white. The rear is just…confusing.

    Decent job on the interiors though, considering these will be running off of assembly lines pretty rapidly.

  19. Nothing inspiring or sensational, but at least its better than the current one in every way, especially the interior, although i doubt when it comes on the road here the interior will look anything like that, everything will somehow turn into grey plastic and i believe theres gonna be a big hole with a crappy 20yr old cd player where the screen is.

  20. so there are haters and lovers for this car……

    haters = like me

    lovers = all cab drivers…..or people who just dont like to drive

  21. These car’s exterior isn’t look good but interior look better than before.

  22. This is not an attractive model.

  23. LOOSER in front of rivals like OPTIMA and SONATA

  24. Its small in size from current model. I feel its looks similar to toyota zelas some what. Please bare this thing mind that UAE version will not get all those features as somebody listed up those specs are only for USA. Personally i dont think so they will introduce navigation and “extra featres” in UAE model.

    • Given that the average Camry driver in the UAE is likely to be a taxi driver, i too expect most of the toys not to make its way here. And yes, the base model will have a casette player and a hole beneath it
      The interior in the pics is an improvement as is the exterior.

  25. In GCC “TOYOTA” is a hit

    design never matters…..

    Prado,Landcruiser etc…

    Still more to come from Toyota..on 2013..& coming years..

  26. and this is coming from a person named Prado!?!****


    RE: prado is best in class camry is lame in class… simple

    • Prado is the best in class ?? :p

    • if not for the price, I would actually vote for the Prado – solely for it’s capability and comfort for a mid-size SUV; Pajeros and Pathfinders are only good alternatives and the Explorer is no more an alternative simply because it became a damn crossjoke! What else is left?..

      but the price tag of the Prado – that kills everything…and everyone!

    • Majority of the customer base for prado are the same people who used to own camrys but moved up in life.

  27. 2013 Nissan Altima taking shape

    they even didnt give it a chance to breath

  28. @Shibu Daniel

    Yes prado is best in class… as it has the onlyvehicle that a family dude would need namely

    – high levels of engine refinement
    – very low road
    – comfort seating and AC
    – practicality
    – utra high relaliability
    – off road ability

    @the dude
    i had honda accord before i am moved to a prado. the prado had customers accross nationalities, camry isnt in that league

  29. very low road!?!…didn’t know prado came with that.

  30. i meant a very low road noise level, which is very impressive since it has the areodynamics of a brick…..

  31. Guys when it will be launched in Saudi Arabia, I herad in OCT of 2011

  32. this one suckz to the core nd i say ALTIMA is besttt

  33. The tastes of this market suck big time… Thats why the shittiest and most boring models sell well here…

    I dont see anyone craving for a taste of finer things in a car.. All they want is a box on wheels that takes them from a to b… even if its a goat..

    Either you get boring as hell ecno-boxes or super premium cars… i dont see something in between…

  34. The new camry looks pretty ordinary. The Zelas looks like the coupe version of the camry. If ever you want a fine car in the price of range of the stupidly pricey accords and camrys, go american. I have test driven almost all the mid size sedans available in the uae and my conclusion is that nothing beats a good mid size ford fusion. I test drove the altima, the camry , the mazda 6, etc. but none of the cars gave me the same response as the fusion. The fusion was just beautiful to drive and so unbelievably smooth (mind you the test vehicle had 34 000 kms on it, which means it must have taken plenty of abuse.) Also the malibu and the taurus were exquisite vehicles. A well optioned camry would cost around 90 000 dhs, and a base taurus would not only match but easily supersede the 90 000 dhs camry, right down from the interior, the engine, the space, the dutability,the looks, the strength ,stability and safety all while being priced at around 7000 dhs less. Im not saying this because i own any of these cars, i personally own a mazda 6 2007, but because that is what the truth is, we have been mislead believing that japanese cars particularly the corollas and the camries are the only cars that are uber reliable and the best u can possibly get. This hype has to end. They are just normal cars if anything with nothing spectacular to be honest, just riding on the back of their names. even koreas cars to be honest are faring much better in comparison to these modest cars. People just need to get it out of their mind that if u ever want to buy a car, it has to be a toyota or a nissan or something japanese. Go buy real cars with lots of value.

  35. E-mad

    Valid points, the problem is it hard to shake perception. but there are deeper problem, if you argue that ford is reliable fine, agreed. tell me you many old fords i.e 5 years + do y see on the road?….. you see toyota cars 10+ years still running. for Ford to truly have a “real car” it must have reliable machines + the cost of maintainance be low + reduced wear and tear…. i am afraid toyota is still ahead on this.

    • problem is, again perception…a cup-holder breaks in a Ford, its a big problem coz its a ppl dump it!…and if an a/c compressor in a camry gets crapped out, it is a minor issue coz its a Toyota, and ppl get it repaired…

    • Stuff like A/C compressors, Alternators, Brake pads are prone to expire in any car whether its a toyota or not… so its no excuse to tell me that..

      A New Japanese car nowadays costs more than a New European car because:
      1. Its more expensive to afford
      2. None of the Futtaim models come with service package of any kind and you have to pay the costs of individual services every 5000km; unlike Ford and VW that service the car every 10000-15000 kms and provide you with a long term service package.
      3. Toyota has less value for money, because i am buying a car with no character or refinement or luxuries you find in other non-japanese cars. Yet I have to pay more money when buying a new one..

  36. i have used a ford for over 5 and half years…i have replaced the alternators a couple of times..the a/c compressor failed after 4 years.everything was repaired under warranty.and that was it in 5 years and 140,000 kms..

    A friend of mine who laughed at me when i bought the Ford, and bought the Civic at the same time, back in 2006 when the new shape launched, had to literally spend a fortune maintaining it! He has to replace brake pads every 20000 kms, his a/c has crapped out 4 times with one of the failures resulting in a broken belt and him getting stranded in some no man’s land, alternator failed once, fuel pump had some issue and had to get replaced, there was some oil leak issue and the list goes on and on..all this, within 150,000 kms on the odo..

    and now I laugh at him!!

  37. Prado – The reason you don’t see too many old fords and chevys around is because they weren’t bought in huge numbers in the first place. Secondly, there are still quite a few old fords and chevys on the road if u really try and notice. Also more importantly toyota and other japanese cars really need to step up and provide stiffer competition. I would definitely go for the new hyundai sonata even if this camry was launched. Why? Sonata is willing to offer me 5 years warranty and a while ago they were also offering a 7 year warranty with a decent service contract. Why do you think Japanese cars can’t do that. Its because they know if they did they would go bankrupt trying to repair their cars. If they themselves can’t trust their own engines, how can we. Another important aspect is the service contracts. I feel every car maker should provice long service contracts like the americans. I would honestly be very happy buying a ford taurus for 10000 lesser than a similarly optioned camry and running it smoothly for five years wihtout having to worry about it breaking down becaused i couldnt get a part replaced. That would be taken care of by the warranty and the service contracts. I’m not saying toyota or any japanese car is a bad car. Its just simply that there are much better cars around. You just have to open your eyes and look.


  38. @e-mad

    you will have to give credit where it is due. Toyota or honda didnt built it’s reputation over some fantasy stories but over tried and tested conditions. You find Toyota running in africa and latin America where no ford dare step in. However, these days i will give full credit to the Korean for hitting the Japanese where it hurts. FORD and Chevy although improved are still behind the Koreans…

    PS the Sonata is now selling for 62,500, an aggressive and smart move by the dealer considering Japanese cars have very recently become expensive, an altima basic now cost AED 76k a full 13k more than a sonata!!

  39. Dear All,
    Healthy discussions which can change perception of buying a car.
    Thanks All.

  40. i own camery since last 4 years, its a wonderful car but as said before its not a real value of money …people in UAE are running behind resale concept and that’s why more Japanese car are in passion….just like me…i have serviced my car in agency and every service is for AED 300 atleat.i personally feel Toyota knows that people have blind faith in their car therefore they will not improve until their market will not fall (why to change something until its giving 200% results).i feel everyone should atleat give a try for test drive to ford cars once before they buy any brand…

  41. I couldnt care less for all your comments if you all hate it so much why buy it? get a life, get a camry….. lol

  42. Just like corolla

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