Last Ford Crown Victoria built sent to Saudi Arabia

Last Ford Crown Victoria built sent to Saudi Arabia

The Ford Crown Victoria, a long-running nameplate that was possibly the last remaining body-on-frame production sedan in a unibody world, has finally been put to rest.

The last Ford Crown Victoria ever was recently assembled at the factory in Canada, a white sedan with a tan interior, apparently destined for a customer in Saudi Arabia, where it was always a best-seller for private buyers even while it was not offered to the general public in any other country for years now.

The Ford Crown Victoria’s “Panther” platform dates back to 1979, and the car has carried on into modern times with a 4.6-litre V8, rear-wheel-drive and a optional seating for six even. In its last few years, aside from Saudi Arabia, it only became available to mostly fleet buyers in North America, namely police departments and taxi companies, who preferred the Crown Vic’s durability, spaciousness and ease-of-repair.

For updates on all Ford models, visit the Ford buyer guide.

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  1. This is an excellent car.. Good products are those that are too good to ever change..

    I’d imagine if they chose to facelift it, it would stay in production for another decade..

  2. Somebody get the chassis number of this crown vic.. Oneday we will be hunting for it as a collector’s item..

  3. it will be missed… somehow without doing much the car had presence, and its status just kept getting better and better. Luckily they made a lot of them, so the second hand car market should have a few good examples … hopefully in 2-3 years from now (ahem)

  4. we will miss you :*( inshallah hope to see you back with new ass kicking design after some years 😀

  5. I am on my 3rd and possibly last crown vic. a 2008, and will run it into the ground or me first.
    Best car ever. Ford —–up when it quit making these.
    People are still looking for them.
    I still another!!

  6. This car is great in general.

    I believe if the A/C design in improved (can’t control the air flow direction), the rear seats get more space (really tight for a full size sedan), the sound system get’s a head unit supporting mp3 and USB input, get better front sea belt buckles as it is annoying if you lower the seats, update the gearbox to 5-speed and increase the engine output to at least 280-300hp, this car would be legendary.

    I know it’s too late to dream about that as what really matters to the manufacturer in the first place is popularity in the States, which is I believe won’t get any better because of fuel prices and people of the States favoring SUV’s all the sudden.

    I’m Saudi and I own a 2009 CV and before that a 2001. Loving it and love the very big trunk when I buy the groceries with the family. I don’t think the new front wheel drive junk will be able to take over.

  7. Hey Crown Vic fans, any idea what is the best over all year of a Crown Vic? and have found a 97 with about 80k miles is it worth $3.2k or should I hold out for a better deal, it’s an LX and is clean… thoughts? also did they ever make this model in an L? like the Town Car L’s? thanks

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