Volkswagen California Multivan Berghaus campervan revealed

Volkswagen California Multivan Berghaus campervan revealed

Volkswagen has always been known to make some of the best campervans, none of which are offered here in the Middle East, thanks partly to the vast desert terrains and climate, and partly towards the tendency of the customers to opt for SUVs when it comes to choosing a large family hauler. Towards the West, however, there is a good demand for such mini mobile-homes purpose-built for campers; and the Volkswagen California Multivan is one of them.

For those who are not familiar with the term “campervan”- a campervan is an automobile which provides both transport and sleeping accommodation abilities, and may also include a small kitchen featuring a fridge, gas burners, fold-away dining table and chairs and so on. And the folks at Volkswagen decided to go a step ahead by giving the California some exclusivity, teaming up with outdoor clothing specialists Berghaus and creating a limited edition variant called the California Berghaus. In addition to the extensive list of standard equipment, the limited edition California Berghaus shall also feature a bike rack, side-mounted awning, 18-inch bi-colour ‘Dakar’ alloy wheels, Berghaus-branded carpet mats and waterproof seat covers, and special ‘Berghaus’ badging both inside and out. Each vehicle comes with an exclusive ‘Berghaus pack’ which includes a Berghaus rucksack, sleeping bags, gloves, hats, insulated mugs, travel water-bottle, flask and a map case.

Powered by a 2.0-litre BiTDI diesel engine rated for 180 hp and mated to a 6-speed manual transmission, the VW California Berghaus lunges past 100 kph in 12.4 seconds before achieving a top speed of over 185 kph. On the safety front, the 2012 Multivan-based California Berghaus is equipped with several electronic nannies aiding safety including ABS, traction control, engine braking control and electronic stability control.

Only 80 limited edition California Berghaus shall be produced, ensuring absolute elitism to whoever who owns it. The price tag for the exclusivity would be equivalent to a whopping Dhs 292,000, though none are destined to reach anywhere in the GCC.

For UAE prices and updates on local models, visit the Volkswagen Multivan buyer guide.

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  1. Arent camper vans supposed to be something a common person can afford?!?!

    This is anything close to the original VW camper… With such a hefty price tag..

  2. Any interior Views? The price is high so we need to know what is there inside this thing!

  3. I would buy this instead:

    Costs a third of the price and got more space and extra expandable quarters..

    Lets be realistic they must be kidding us with such a model..

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