Volkswagen experiments with region's ecological sustainability

Volkswagen experiments with region’s ecological sustainability

Riding the green wave, Volkswagen Middle East participated in the second stop on the Western leg of the Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicle Associates (ANGVA) Green Highways 2011 event held in Dubai recently that is dedicated to raising awareness among local industries of the importance of making natural gas and energy efficient cars available.

The Dubai Government had recently announced plans to convert at least 25% of the public transport vehicles to use natural gas. Volkswagen is supporting this with hybrid and electronic solutions within its ‘Think Blue’ strategy 2018, with the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The Passat TSI EcoFuel being the first direct-injection turbo engine for the natural gas driving system emitting 23% less CO2 compare to similar petrol models.

The CNG-powered VW Jetta sedans are in the UAE, possibly undergoing tests or simply being used for promotional purposes.

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  1. This Volkswagen Jetta was converted to CNG By my company CGTECH…

    The advantage are its economical and Eco-friendly…!

  2. Did anyone ask why it took this long for the UAE to introduce CNG?

  3. Can cgtech convert other cars to cng?

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