So we got a 2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI

So we got a 2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI

It’s funny that we’ve been testing a string of VWs for the past two months, but delayed driving till now the one VW that everyone’s been requesting us to test. This here is the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

This “Mk6” edition of the Golf GTI debuted in 2010, and was itself a minor facelift of the “Mk5” Golf GTI that came in 2004. Of course, many of the changes are under the skin, namely a 10 hp bump in power, extra gears in its DSG transmission, fancy adaptive suspension and dual exhaust tips.

In a hatchback this big, practicality is a given. This car is so conservative, and yet, there are special touches such as the rear logo that pops out as a rear camera as well as a boot handle. The unique wheels and LED lights are eye-catchers too, in an otherwise boring design.

The interior remains the best in class, at least in terms of materials, even if the design itself is utterly staid. It’s the same as in the pricier VW Golf R.

As we said, the Golf GTI is very practical. Our car even came with luggage, namely a whole bag of branded number-plate holders, that we thought about giving out at the 4th DriveArabia Meet which we held around this car.

The VW Golf GTI certainly is a superb car. It may not win the horsepower wars, but the driving pleasure it offers is more than a lot of other cars that cost more too. More in the full review.

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  1. Quite a nice little thing, with lots of juice to offer. A manual version would have been terrific.

  2. whats the dealer price?

  3. there will be hardly any better commuter for the daily DXB-AUH runs.

    good one!

  4. the’ve also got a special 35 years anniversary with a bumped up engine of 235bhp. Mash, when are you finally going to review the scirocco?

  5. is there any reason why my comments go un-posted?

  6. This car is a class leader for more decades now… Nothing is like it… Its a really well balanced product..

  7. i test drove this little monster with my friend..its really awesome..handles really well..its more than enough of rockz \m/

  8. Of course. It’s well priced and on top of that you simply get everything like:

    -Leather seats (sport)
    -DSG (Toyotas and Nissans don’t have these, they have CVT :S )
    -Parking sensors + camera + auto parking system
    -Exhausts that ‘fart’ every time the gear changes
    And more … all that for ~120k AED

  9. While comparing MKV & MKVI you mentioned that the new GTI has an extra gear, you mean MKV had 5 gears?

  10. Unfortunately, we are not getting the E Differential feature on our GTIs in Middle East… cant understand why

  11. Beautiful review, im thinking of getting a Golf GTI MK6 2012 or a Scirocco R. I would be grateful if you would also post a review on the Scirocco R.

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