So we got a 2012 Toyota Yaris

So we got a 2012 Toyota Yaris

There is only so many ways that we can make a Toyota Yaris review interesting. The hottest new car of this year that will sell in droves no matter what we say, we were given the option to pick a colour, and we picked red. You know, like a Ferrari.

We weren’t too impressed by the 2012 Yaris when we drove it at the launch party. While the same deficiencies remain noticeable during this longer test-drive, we are more impressed now with some of the features that come standard in this car, such as its strong a/c and its Bluetooth phone, both enough to be deal-makers for those on the fence.

The Yaris is also pretty damn spacious for its size, maybe with as much rear legroom as the BMW 550i we just drove. Of course, that could just be an illusion.

There is a real fun quality to its handling. However, truth be told, this is probably the slowest car I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing a timed acceleration test on. But more on that in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. i have noticed one thing .there’s only one wiper is it? part of cost cutting?

  2. I think it was better to bring it with the 1.5 with the cvt transmission, this combination would have returned the same fuel economy, the previous model 1.3 engine was already slow, but taking the car bigger and keeping the same engine means its even more slower

  3. No tachometer? Sad 🙁

  4. It looks like a massive improvement over old one.. but the power train choices need a proper revision..

  5. No armrest either!!

  6. It looks like it shared from lines from the renault clio btw..

  7. I’d rather buy a Hyundai Veloster

  8. such a cheap and unsafe car

  9. Drove it, hated it, never tried it again. This is for the people who don’t want a CAR, so they get something with 4 wheels and a steering wheel that will commute. i’d rather go for Honda City 9my first car in UAE).

  10. After seeing the new Elantra and Accent cant see any reason anyone would want to buy a Yaris even if its an improvement over the last generation

  11. Is this the Indian Etios Liva??

  12. though its 1.3 litre, i have seen people driving this at 190k+ in abudhabi highway. i was cruising at 160k while saw a car tailgating me flashing the light, when i gave way, was shocked to see a yaris hatchback.

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