Mazda Takeri concept to premiere at Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda Takeri concept to premiere at Tokyo Motor Show

The Mazda 6 has aged gracefully. Still the beauty among the beasts (and we don’t mean in terms of power) in the mid-sized saloon segment, it’s due for a replacement soon to keep it up to date with current design and technological advancement. Keeping this in mind, Mazda Motor Corporation has confirmed that it will premiere the Mazda Takeri concept car that provides us with a preview of what to expect from the next 6.

Exploiting Mazda’s new exterior design language called KODO – Soul of Motion, the Takeri comes with the company’s SkyActiv-D Technology that includes a regenerative braking system, a 2.2-litre twin-turbo 4-cylinder diesel engine with lowered compression ratio and a lightweight structure with aerodynamic and chassis technologies tailored for improved fuel efficiency with dynamic performance and ride-quality.

The Takeri show car will be officially unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show on 30th November.

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  1. Front and interior are nice, side profile is new infiniti M, back is copy paste from sonata

  2. Cool stuff!
    I liked it 😀 aggressive and attractive 🙂

    Now, Mazda be a real hero and release it in this year or the year after! coz we are already in 2011! please!

    Don’t mock us with fancy styles! start releasing!

  3. Japanese conceps are always amazing, but they always get small engines. This looks and aggrissive styling needs a massive V8. V8 minimum, to perfect the package.


  5. Man, this is awesome stuff. I always knew that the company had potential. They must keep up with the innovation and not rest once they have introduced a platform which is a sure shot hit amongst all. Eagerly waiting for this timeless beauty!

  6. i actually love the 1st gen and the present 6 and ultra…eagerly waiting em 2 unveil it…but the prob wth mazda is de high spare parts cost…:(

  7. I thought I saw a James Bond car! Then i realize wow it’s a MAZDA with a Turbo engine! Go Go Go

  8. sizzling ride!!!! price tag sizzles as well???

  9. Somehow made me remember the premium saloons mazda used to once make like the Sentia and the 929

  10. And hopefully oneday it will be possible to have a/c vents disappear from dashboards.

  11. this is a very nice looking car, don’t care much if it is a copy or anything. the thing is whether Mazda would put this into production or not. I suspect not, not in this way as we see it.

  12. ktk….dont tell the mazda parts r expensive…actually mazda parts and service charges are much cheaper than other japanese brands… i have a 2006 mazda 6 which has done 330000 Km….i am still maintaining it at galadari and i find it really comfortable maintaining it there…only thing i have done from outside is my AC repair…. i dont agree with faisal regarding the power of mazda…try out the current ultra its the most powerful 6 cyl among the pack… the drive feel of ultra is much better than the accord v6 and aurion…

  13. I agree with faisal…its cheaper than Honda or Toyota..but not many (or any) duplicates are available

  14. Who said Mazda parts are expensive?? Mazda parts are much cheaper than Honda and Mitsubihi parts. Infact some how cheaper than Nissan. I used almost recent models of all Brands(used) and to be honest i found Mazda best. Even servicing at Galadari is reasonable. Mazda Rulez!!!

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