Toyota FT-86 production version Japanese brochure leaked

Toyota FT-86 production version Japanese brochure leaked

A couple of pages from the the Japanese brochure of the production-version Toyota FT-86 has been leaked onto the net. Considering the absolutely random nature of the pages, we think this “leak” might even have been deliberate. Update: More leaked images added.

The car seen here is not the regular version, but rather the Japan-only Modellista version with a cheesy body kit, wheels and chrome side-strips. Still, the design cues of the basic FT-86 are obvious and unfortunately dumbed down a lot compared to the fancy concepts that Toyota has been tempting us with.

The interior shots show a sparse cabin, with the transmission choices being a proper manual as well as an automatic whose shift-knob imitates a manual look.

The Toyota FT-86 was developed in conjunction with Subaru to keep costs low. Word is the production version of the Toyota FT-86 as well as its Subaru BRZ sibling will debut in a month or two. Both cars will have rear-wheel-drive and 4-cylinder “boxer” engines, but the Toyota will get 200 hp, while the Subaru will get nearly 300 hp, possibly with a turbocharger.

Later, more brochure scans emerged on the internet, showing the standard version of the FT-86. However, questions still remain on what the car will be called.

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  1. Still, job well done… Hopefully this car will get toyota back on the right track..

  2. It all starts with.. “Ooo” & “Ahhhhs” but once the price tag rolls out …

  3. Thats the problem again, just like the Mazda Concept, it is powered by a 4 cylinder engine!

  4. Nice looking Ride, but im pretty sure, the price tag will be nowhere near competitive, and still some toyota sukups will buy this… sad but true !! Thumbs up if the price is below 120k !!

  5. This toyota should compete only with either an altima or accord coupe, the only advantage it has is its a rwd,from the looks i can see they trimmed the edgy lines of the concept to make it production feasible, well whats new with toyota. This thing cant go above 120k thats the territory of v6 muscle cars that will make the inline 4 eat dust. other wise it will be another toyota bomb like the zelas, what a lousy name!

  6. should we say,,bye bye for Toyota Zelas??

  7. This car is Rumored to be around $26k which is below a Hyundai Gen Coupe which is a V6 (110k-ish) here in the middle east my bet is this will be priced just below 100k, slightly lower or at the same point as the Altima Coupe and Honda Accord Coupe. If this comes in at 95k (SAR) i’m sold, i’ll either get this or the BRZ for sure, if not i’ll be going for the Gen Coupe at 110SAR

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