Peugeot 508 2012 debuts at Dubai Motor Show

Peugeot 508 2012 debuts at Dubai Motor Show

Peugeot has finally launched the 508 sedan in the GCC, debuting it at the 2011 Dubai Motor Show. Available for more than a year in Europe, the 508 is intended to be a replacement for both the 407 and the 607.

The only engine on offer is Peugeot’s 156 hp turbocharged 1.6-litre, mated to a 6-speed tiptronic and front-wheel-drive. Features include keyless entry and start, 4-zone climate control, electric parking brake, HID headlamps, daytime running lights.

For us, this was one of the best cars we’d seen in person at the show, surprising us with how good it looked on the outside and how premium it felt on the inside. Spacious and techy, the only weak part is the relatively-underpowered engine, but it should still be decently torquey. If the price is right, the 508 could become a good seller.

Event photos by Faisal Khatib.

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  1. It is amazing how they have copied Audi’s MMI controller.

  2. In spite of sitting in a Jag,M5 or an Evoque (All out of my budget)the 508 was spot on. I spent so much time with it as I couldnt believe all that was only 105,000 dhs with a five year unltd warranty.

    Yet I would like to drive and see how the A/C and overall driving feel is ,it would have done better with 175 Hp.

    I must also mention the Skoda octavia RS for 103k is a steal ..

    • I agree the skoda RS is a steal, but the lack of presence of skoda in this market, probably intentional from VW to keep the main brands sales high, is a killer. Expensive parts and pathetic resale. But I still feel its worth buying. Sad, that not many people feel that way.

  3. I just don’t like that they’ve taken the 607 away, this looks like a 407 replacement of sorts. The 607 was pretty decent to drive with a 3.0 V6. As always though, interior is stunning. That steering wheel setup is pretty cool

  4. This car has been on my watch list for a long time but the 1.6l engine just kills the deal…

    A car this size is bound to feel underpowered with only 156HP, especially on the highways.

  5. le dernier modeule peugeot 508 swv live en dubai 2012

  6. @Sidharth 156hp is not a bad engine size for the car considering equivalents, but its the decent torque of 250Nm available at 1200rpm with a flat torque curve across the rpm thats quite alluring. Quite cleverly made Jekyll and Hyde-sort of-engine.

  7. beautiful design

  8. Peugeot 508,1.6 Turbo, is doing 0 to 100 km/h in 12.9 sec.
    Anybody gonna buy this car? Definitely not me.

  9. Can not correct my post above, but it should be as I posted wrong info. In fact Peugeot 508, 1.6 THP (turbo) is doing 0-100 km/h in 8.6-9.2 sec which is much more respectable and usable on Dubai roads. The engine index is EP6CDT and the question is when more powerful EP6CDTX (with 200 hp and maximum torque 275 N·m @ 1700 RPM) will be available in Dubai?

  10. A 1.6L Engine for 106K…I feel it is a bit higly priced…That price should have been for a a 2.5L Engine..

  11. when is drivearabia doing a test drive for peugeot 508? or have you requested already for a test car but peugeot did not provide one yet?

  12. Her 1.6-litres 156bhp/24.5kgm turbo four unit makes her a desirable carriage,I do assess!
    Its torque is as abundant as a normal 2.4/2.5-litres four,so it is quite sufficient for her 1540kg body,albeit no fire cracker.
    Mated with 6-speed automatic(made by Japanese AISIN,the Toyota subsidary),she posts 0-100km/h in around 9sec and 0-1000m in 30-31sec bracket,as fast as 2.5-litres Camry and Mazda 6.
    Maximum speed is in 220-230km/h in well loosen-up examples,which shows her flexible power delivery.
    In general,she shows vast improvement previous 407 2.2SV,and I do hope the outstanding 2.0-litres diesel four would be introduced to my country Japan,as well as to Gulf district!!
    by a Japanese guy

  13. Why does Peugeot emphasize on 1.6l engines only? U.A.E highways require at least 2.0l engines for a smooth ride…

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