Lexus ES 350 2012 on sale in the UAE

Lexus ES 350 2012 on sale in the UAE

The 2012 Lexus ES 350 is now available in the UAE, and looks the same as before. The best way to spot it is by the dealer-installed LED driving lights up front.

The Lexus ES continues to be powered by a 268 hp 3.5-litre V6, but the pricing is now properly higher than what it used to cost back when this version first debuted in 2007. There are now four versions on offer at showrooms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other Emirates. The Premier costs Dhs 166,000, the Premier Plus rings up at Dhs 174,000, the Prestige is priced at Dhs 185,000 and the Platinum tops out at Dhs 205,000.

Keep track of specs in the Lexus ES buyer guide.

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  1. AED 205k???

    Seriously one can get an e-class for that much money!!!

  2. Even thats 202,000 😛 ( as per d new ads)

  3. Too Expensive..

    I will get a RWD german saloon for the same money instead..

  4. true… keep in mind that AFM serice cost has sky rocketed these days..

    so yes it would be unwise to buy this car + this is an old model.

  5. My dad payed around the same amount for his Platinum (I think it’s Platinum because of the Mark Levinson sound system) .

    I would agree with some of the comments here regarding to choose a German RWD sedan instead. A Merc E300 costs more, has less power, is uglier. However the F10 5 series has a compelling case but even that has a lot less power than this.

    @Asad A.
    Yes the Platinum has a lot of features.

    I’m all in for LED DRL’s but I hate what Toyota/Lexus are doing here in the ME installing cheap looking dealer ones which cheapen the look of the car.

    • Not really… If you do some math you will notice that nowadays a Euro-car would cost less than a Japanese car on a long term..

    • NO, the mark levinson system has nothing platinum about it!! I have a mid range Lexus IS in the family with that system. It is a gud system though. Anyways I would never pay that much money for a ES, even if the base 5 series is less powerful its still more fun and amazing to drive than this old ugly piece of overpriced junk. There are only 3 good cars that lexus makes, IS,LS and LX. Rest are crap.

    • See I would seek cars that are also a charming experience and driving is an important experience that this over-dressed camry cannot offer..

  6. This is the most boring Lexus ever.

  7. i hate this Lexus it doesnt even look luxurious too expensive.

  8. I saw the new GS at the show, it is also disappointing, the looks is not that good and the interior is fine but not wow

  9. Wow, 200k for a Camry!!

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