2013 Mercedes-Benz SL official images surface ahead of debut

2013 Mercedes-Benz SL official images surface ahead of debut

It seems Mercedes-Benz is keen towards blending retro looks with lush avant-gardism, the result being something as elegant and stylish as the all-new 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL. And what we see here are the official images of the new SL-Class from the Stuttgart denizens.

Besides the high-resolution images which reveal the striking exterior and sumptuous interior, we currently possess no more information about the new SL. Rumours revolve around the possibilities of a V8 engine powering the new SL, while expectations of a V12 monster still hang in the air, despite Mercedes-Benz officially phasing out the same in the previous-generation SL variants. Needless to say, the SL is expectedly a technology-saddled roadster.

There are no details pertaining to the expected price or availability of the new Mercedes-Benz SL. For all we know, it will be officially unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

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  1. Exterior & Interior designs are nice .. Red leather needs to go

  2. Awesome interiors

  3. If it was not red we would’nt be talking about it… wheres the marketing in that ?

  4. Vivek, word of personal advice and please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m sure others have great stuff to write about your reviews but my only issue is that all your articles that I’ve read have the non-critical perspective. Having been used to Mashfique’s quality (don’t care two hoots about anyone) writing which always says it like it is, this is something that should be worked on for the benefit of Drive Arabia, as this honesty is what lures me to Drive arabia.

    Not everything is always good and the mercedes looks demented from the front because the angle and proportion of the front lights do not suit the over all disposition, similar to the new SLK whose lights are also disproportional and not fitting to a compact sports cars.

    To be honest, your articles remind me of the pieces written by our friends in ‘famous’ newspapers such as Gulf News or Gulf Daily News.. full of sensationalism as if its a marketing pitch for the particular party. It loses all objectivity. You don’t need to say ‘Stuttgart denizens’ and lush ‘avant-gardism’.. the merc sl looks like shit from the front compared to its recently updated predecessor.

    That said the interior is a huge improvement and kudos to them for that. Driving this one will be for old men as usual with all the techno nannies having owned and driven one for a while.. can never compare to its Bavarian or other stuttgart counterparts.

    • Well, thanks for being honest. But honestly, I do not think you really have read all my reviews and articles. While it is true that I am still getting used to being “neutral” about cars, I do firmly believe that I haven’t been way too sugary or biased about any manufacturer. I do not think the usage of “lush avant-gardism” or “Stuttgart denizens” make so much of a difference that the whole objective of the article is being lost; of course, if you check out Merc and their recent models, what they have been trying to do is mix their old designs with some new lines! As for criticizing it, it isn’t time yet; I do not think slandering about the SL is fair until all information about the car is available. Calling it elegant and stylish was personal though, I admit; but I am fairly certain that I am with the majority here, which is why I chose to express it. I have always criticized all manufacturers who have come up with weird designs and crappy specs, you will know that if you truly have gone through all my articles. Anyhow, thank you for your comment 🙂

  5. Any updates / buyer guide for new hyundai cars ???

  6. Retro designs were outstanding but this one looks a bit messy.. The SLS did a great job interms of retro look but this one looks disproportional.. Its like they forced those headlamps and taillamps into the car..

  7. one word – ugly

  8. the front somehow looks weird and the back looks too big. i am not such a big fan of the new Mercs (CLS included!)

  9. Somebody needs to talk to their design division..

  10. wait to see it on flesh and then give it a final verdict…

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