5th DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage

5th DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage

The 5th DriveArabia Meet was held on Saturday, the 24th of December, at the tail-end of 2011. We kept it a low-key event at Dubai Festival City, sending direct invites to a few regulars at the last minute, while announcing the event only a couple of times publicly. Those who showed up were in for a treat, as the chief guest of this meet was the 2012 Nissan GT-R, the latest fresh-out-of-the-factory iteration of the Japanese supercar. Ironically, the largest number of people ever had showed up for our so-called low-key gathering, and we even decided to let everyone have a spin in the GT-R, so they all can now say “I drove a GT-R!” to their jealous friends. Our meet-turned-promo even convinced a couple of attendees to save up for a GT-R. The few that were left after sunset were even treated to a pizza dinner. Photos by Faisal Khatib, Marouf Hussain Chowdhury and The Bazooka Brothers.

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  1. ahhh..damn again..my favourite car and i couldnt make it!! damn it..everyone driving the car just has a big grin on their face,,i want a grin too 🙁

  2. Hi All,

    is it ?
    5th DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage 10%
    Nissan GTR Meet: Photo coverage 90%

    Just kidding, ohhh my GOD….. GTR looks great………… i wish to be there…

  3. I dont know why every time I decide to attend the DA meetings something happens in the last moment and I dont come …. for the 5th time I say … hopefully next time i will be there

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