GM plans new 2.5-litre engine across entire range

GM plans new 2.5-litre engine across entire range

GM’s comeback has been been successful through two main methods. One method was getting rid of some of their highly-criticized brands. The other was to improve their cars. Since their resurgence, they have upgraded most of their cars. While the looks have undergone interesting improvements, the base engines have been just about average.

We previously reported about the Malibu, getting a new 4-cylinder 191 hp 2.5-litre engine, Chevrolet has now decided to drop the aging 2.4-litre and upgrade it to the same new 2.5-litre in other models.

The current 169 hp 2.4-litre with 230 Nm of torque is currently used in the Chevrolet Malibu and Captiva, among others. There is also a direct-injected version producing around 182 hp with 233 Nm of torque in the GMC Terrain. All these vehicles will be revised with the new engine.

The new 2.5-litre will also continue the new trend of direct injection, while producing 191 hp with 245 Nm of torque. Official fuel economy hasn’t been released yet, but the claims are that there will be a substantial improvement, leading to class-leading figures. GM plans to implement the new engines across their range before the end of this year. So expect it in the Middle East, on the 2013 models, starting with the Malibu.

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  1. so now they bring DI what the heck is wrong with hyundai why cant they do it ??? i badly wanted the azera 3.0 L DI pumping 270HP but alas!

  2. car looks better now, i liked int/ext

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