Interview: Keiichi Yoneda - Toyota

Interview: Keiichi Yoneda – Toyota

Video interview with Keiichi Yoneda, Deputy Chief Engineer for the 2012 Camry in the Product Planning Group at Toyota in Japan. Topics include development of the Toyota Camry, concessions made for the GCC version, and how it stacks up compared to the competition.

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  1. scared of hyundai-kia…take note sony vs. samsung?

    • Japanese businesses did have a very interesting executive history. The Koreans learned alto from the Japanese but Toyota’s history has proven that it is still one of the most solid/well established car-makers in the world..

  2. Although i know its answer, but still i wanted to ask someone from toyota that why they are giving less options here in UAE market?

    I’ve seen even Yaris(vitz) in pakistan wih Push start button,side mirror with indicators and many other options,that i don’t see here in even Camry.

    BTW Mash!! You need to get new Sofa.

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