BMW X6 2013 facelift debuts with M Performance option

BMW X6 2013 facelift debuts with M Performance option

BMW has updated its X6 for 2013, though good luck spotting the changes. The BMW X6 still comes in three petrol-engined variants, two of which get an optional power upgrade to go with the facelift.

Exterior updates include an updated grille and foglight enclosures. Also new are optional adaptive LED headlights in place of the standard Xenon bulbs. LEDs are there in the rear lights as well. Interior changes are limited to new upholstery colours.

If ordered with the M Performance Package, the 2013 X6 can be had with a 315 hp 3.0-litre twin-turbo inline-6 in xDrive35i form, and with a 440 hp 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 in xDrive 50i form, both with 8-speed automatics. Otherwise the same engines are carried forward, including the 555 hp 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 with 6-speed automatic in the X6 M.

Incidentally, the X6 is the second-bestselling BMW in the Middle East, thanks largely to its tremendous popularity in the UAE. Expect the new model to reach GCC showrooms by this summer.

Keep track of prices and updates in the BMW X6 buyer guide.

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  1. Good performance upgrades, horrible exterior.

    X5 ans X6 models need major upgrades in their interiors. They are cheap, plastic, and make noises like if the gadgets in them will break if you drive on sand or on uneven surfaces.

    Horrible exterior and interior materials. Cheapness it is purest forms.

    An X5 owner …

    • Well said, BMW is going to some weird direction lately.. Too much white collar influence is getting on these cars that it is compromising certain qualities for others. The excess in gadgetry makes an avg person happy but is it really needed in a car?

      I drove the new 5 series, the plastic cladding on the steering wheel was poorly cut and had rough edges which really was a cheap touch..

    • You are right … I have even upgraded to the facelifted X5 4.4, and sadly nothing has improved in terms of quality despite all the reviews and forums across the net discussing the issues with the current BMWs.

      Yes it is my favorite brand, but come on, I am not proud of it anymore!

  2. Nice car ! beutiful interior and exterior, powerful engine, fantastic gear
    and finally … expensive.

  3. Have no use for anything BMW does, just traded my X6M off on a Mercedes because BMW has the worst service in the world. Along with attitude!

  4. When it will be arrived in Qatar

  5. hy i just want to know the price of the car and more details about it please.

    best regards

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