Competition: Win 5 pairs of VIP tickets to Big Boys Toys 2012

Competition: Win 5 pairs of VIP tickets to Big Boys Toys 2012

The 2012 edition of the Big Boys Toys lifestyle event will run from the 9th to the 11th of February at the Atlantis in Dubai. Featuring all sorts of expensive cars, vehicles and gadgets for those with the means to buy them, the first day is reserved for VIPs, while the other two days offer entry at Dhs 100. But we’re giving our readers the opportunity to win 5 pairs of VIP tickets to the show! Update: Winners announced.

To enter the competition, simply leave ONE comment below on this page. Please use your correct email address when posting the comment, so that we can contact you if you win. The winner will be chosen at random by a computer. Additional comments by the same user or email address will be deleted.

The contest ends on the 4th of February. The winner will be announced on Sunday, February 5th of 2012.

The contest is open to residents of the UAE only. Each of the 5 winners will get two tickets, courtesy of Big Boys Toys.

Update: The winners are Waqas, Tariq Damati, motaz, Mir Shahriar Ahmed and rye.

For those who want to visit the show on February 10th and 11th, you can purchase general admission tickets online from Time Out Tickets, Virgin Tickets, and Tickets can also be purchased at the following outlets: Virgin Megastores, select EPPCO and ENOC petrol stations, as well as select Zoom, Choithrams, Hallmark and Spinneys.


  1. Hi Drivearabia. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your good work. Of course i am interested in some tickets for the Big Boys Toys Show. Many Thanks.

  2. Big Boys Toys is the best!

  3. I am the first one i deserve….the ticket

  4. thank you drivearabia

  5. lets goo 😀

  6. My comment

  7. Looking forward to this event, courtesy our very own Mash and @ our very own Drive Arabia…

  8. First!! xD. It sounds really Great! :D. I Wan’t to Win!!

  9. Hope I win…fingers and toes crossed 🙂

  10. i want those tickets!!!

  11. Dear Mash,

    Do some wizardy and get me the tkt bro!

  12. Trying my luck for the competition! 😀

  13. Wow, such a great contest, hope I will get to go for the VIP with my friends! Keep up the great work DriveArabia and thank you!

  14. awsumm!! (Y)

  15. why did this show move to dubai from abu dhabi?

  16. Cant wait for this event 🙂

  17. I want it ALL!!

  18. Wohooo Drive Arabia. Lets goooooo 😀

  19. Thanks DriveArabia for this chance!

  20. Thanking you in advance for the free passes 😉

  21. Wow….this makes Drive Arabia more intresting…..keep going Mash!

  22. Drivearabia rocks!!!! Best portal on cars….

  23. I will be very nice and write a genuine comment as I would like to acquire tickets..

  24. M nt a winner usually..but nothin bad in tryn.

  25. juz trying …. 😀

  26. Hope I’ll win this time 🙂

  27. Thank you drivearabia for the tickets…what would we do without u :p

  28. Im a Big Boy & I Like my Toys!

  29. I am a big boy n i want to see the big toys.. Gimme a free pass! 😉

  30. This is a generous effort by drivearabia. Hope i get a chance to be part of this spectacular event 🙂

  31. Enshallah!

  32. VIP for a day… Drivearabia rocks!

  33. fingers crossed

  34. wins before even commenting, one of the five winners.

  35. Dhs100 for entry. What a rip-off….


  37. I will buy tickets for all those who commented today for the 2054 big boysz event..

    Don’t believe me then just give me a ticket and see.

  38. Chalo Chalo !!! 🙂

  39. Hope i get this one 😀

  40. Would reallllllly like to win this! 😀

  41. ONE Comment.

  42. Me wants!!

  43. 🙂

  44. Fast never lie! Kudos DriveArabia!

  45. Kool Man…. Nice Offer… want to go…

  46. Little boy who loves to play with his toys
    Big boy who plays with the boys
    together they love big boys toys!!

  47. Nice work. Heres my comment.

  48. Sounds great, thanks drive arabia

  49. In for chance of winning free tickets 🙂

  50. Fab, looks like a great show.

  51. Testing … 1..2..

  52. Who said men has the passion for the mean machines??? Well me and my best friend would love to see them!!!! Tickets please :)))

  53. One more benefit for the DriveArabia Loyalists!!
    Keep up the good work Mash!!!

  54. Big Boys Toys, can’t wait! Epic event.

  55. just a comment to win, that means this will be the highest commented topic on DA ever.

  56. DriveArarabia Salam!!!

  57. ONE comment it is

  58. Hello Drivearabia and BigBoysToys. Hope to win tickets! Cheers!!

  59. Excitedly looking forward to winning a pair of tickets to this expo!

    All the best..


  60. i want abu dhabi wwe vip tickets ,

  61. ahh.. been trying my luck fr quite sometime now.. hope I get this one..! 😀

  62. I’m going to Atlantis!

  63. Trying my luck!

  64. Hello Drivearabia!

  65. Drive Arabia RULEZZZZ!!!!

  66. Where them tickets at 🙂

  67. I hope i win, been looking forward to this years event!

  68. Let me try my luck

  69. hope to win…

  70. I want my tickets!

  71. Comment! 🙂

  72. Me too, me too

  73. Gosh.. so many new names? Where did all these ppl come from? Silent spectators?? ;P


  75. I want tickets!!!!! I hope I will win

  76. Buy big boys toys with big money…..spend a fortune and get ready for sommmmmmmme fun!! Vroooooommmm Vroooommmm!! May the lucky one win 🙂 I hope I am one of them 🙂

  77. Will I be one of those 5 lucky winners??


  79. woow =O sweeeetness =D gdluck

  80. thank you drive arabia for this competition

  81. Drivearabia is the number # 1 car website in the U.A.E!!

  82. A Big Boy awaiting those tickets…anyways, keep up the great job DriveArabia…

  83. Lets get it on 😀

  84. I would love to be there…it has been always my dream!!!

  85. Drive Arabia the best source for Automotive World Info.
    You Rock !!!

  86. i want those tickets!!!!

  87. awasom fantastic cars and bikes at fantastic place

  88. DriveArabia is the best!!!!!!!!

  89. New toys! I want!

  90. Drivearabia take me to the big boys toys 🙂

  91. I’ve never won anything in my life. *fingers crossed*

  92. Count me in

  93. Aaaaaaaand I am the winner.

  94. Hey Mash…please give the VIP tickets…!!!!

  95. Drivearabia rules!

  96. I want to be at Big Boyz Toys!!! Awaiting eagerly.

  97. How about bundling some money vouchers along with the tickets. Purchasing Power?

  98. Really need to be lucky to win this one 🙂

  99. Wish to win, thanks

  100. Am a old boy.

  101. If i win ill donate tickets to those who cant afford it 😀

  102. wishing me all best 😀

  103. Big Boys Toys rocks!!! and so is drivearabia!!!

  104. One Comment!

  105. Hey all… I been waiting to see big boys toys in Dubai… it is just great,

  106. Hi everybody!
    I am eagerly looking forward to attending this year’s Big Boys Toys!! In the past, I always look forward to the event but somehow, unfortunately tends to miss out! This year I have a gut feeling that I will definitely make it to the event at Atlantis!

    DriveArabia rocks!!

  107. Been wishing to visit this event for a while now. Would be lovely to win BBT tickets in the year 2012 especially now that I have a life partner to share the winnings with.

    Fingers crossed!!

  108. Author

    This competition is now closed.

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