Video of the week: Nissan Juke-R races supercars in Dubai

Video of the week: Nissan Juke-R races supercars in Dubai

The “viral” video that shows the Nissan Juke-R in action is finally out. Seen here “street-racing” with a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Mercedes-Benz, the filming took place at the Dubai International Marine Club, around a closed course. It is easy to guess which car “won” the “race” and why we are using a lot of “quotation marks” in this piece.

What do you think?



  1. I personally feel only Juke was driven hard..

  2. wat is this.. its clearly planed to keep the juke in front… other legendry sport cars were not racing but just following the jokeR

  3. The Best handler ( Ferrari ) is no where in the picture. What a joke!!

  4. The Ferrari is just doing a joy ride & only the Joke is sweating it out!!!

  5. I intend to sound like a hater but I would like to state the facts about the following:

    Nissan is still trying to do what it takes to enhance its image in the automobile world. The carmaker got rescued from financial problems some 10 years ago and they are trying to grab headlines in anyways just to keep the image of Nissan on Top.

    I personally hate the New GTR… It does not compare in anyway to the previous generations of GTRs as this one just has so much ‘white collar’, marketing and advertising influence that it killed its true essence.
    Still I understand the necessity of having such a halo car for Nissan.

  6. What a load of crap! Its clear the other 3 are in cruise control lol, just strolling along. Shame to Drive Arabia for promoting this PROPAGANDA! This is not what was expected from this gud site!! They would have done better if they chose some normal sports cars, No wonder its called the Joke, thats exactly wat this video is. The drivers in the other 3 are probably eating a pizza while driving. Besides if restricted in tight streets and without any straight lines to open the throttle you could probably defeat a veyron with a GTI. Is that supposed to prove anything.LOL

  7. hope they make a real race and then we see how this jokeR gets lapped over and over and over by those cars.

  8. This is an advertising video no more no less.

  9. comon guys 0-100 in 3.6 seconds is no joke , i admit others are better than the juke but the juke is a CUV so the height factors show why the juke is pushing hard, ,every single driver in that compaetition got to drive the juke r and everyone were impressed with its performance

  10. I can see the end of this. A trio Law suite against Nissan.

    • Lol, why would somebody waste money in lawsuit for joyride show, when all companies in world are still reeling and trying to come out of previous recession hit, the Japanese are facing the worst, apart from recession, they are now taking beating from natural disasters and floods with millions of cars washed away. And look at the people who are commenting about something fast, fake rich people and people who buy second hand old cars and don’t even have money for timely oil change.

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