Kia K9 flagship luxury sedan first photos released

Kia K9 flagship luxury sedan first photos released

Kia has released the first official photos of their all-new flagship sedan to be launched during the first half of this year in Korea. Referred to by its codename ‘KH’ until now, the company also confirmed that the Korean-market name will be K9, while the name for other markets as well as overseas release dates will be revealed later this year.

The Kia K9 is the company’s first rear-wheel drive sedan, having finally received their own version of the Hyundai Genesis platform.

No other details about the car has been released, other than the fact that it has LEDs front and back. While the Optima is known as the K5 and the Cadenza is known as the K7 in Korea, it is speculated by some that the K9 will take the Opirus name for non-Korean markets, though that remains to be seen.

Keep track of updates in the Kia buyer guide.

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  1. the front grille luks a bit like a beemer grille without a split. Headlamps are stunning with addition of 4 LEDs on each head as well. Good luck, Kia 🙂

  2. Anyone beside me sees the resemblance between it and the 7-series ?
    same story with the Genesis and the S-class.
    Seems like Korean’s have problem with designing a flagship without stealing some ideas.

    • Ya it is a 7 Series by all means. These Korean manufacturers seem to not want to create a character and personality to their vehicles.

      How does a proper KIA look like for God sakes?!

  3. no way! it is a 7 series bmw front

  4. this is a pure copy of the latest 7 series..
    poor poor poor..

  5. Its like a ‘best hits’ collection from all the big saloons since 2006

  6. Looks a bit like jaguar

  7. cheap copycat of 7 series..

  8. 4 all of u who dont know lexus ls become what it is by first copying mb s-class too like all japanese automakers and cars . and as you can see its now the time of the new toyota and nissan . the koreans are dominating the market very quickly

  9. Kia and Hyundai are well known for stealing different car brands designs and make thier own cars e.g most of older models of Sonata resembles to Accord and so on…

  10. bmw 7 series + lexus ls = kia k9

  11. BMW 7-Series and a little bit of the Maserati Quattroporte ???

  12. it looks like a infinity M to me but who cares truth is that most cars look the same big deal!!

  13. Design elements from Aston Martin Rapide.

  14. WOW…looks very nice…good work KIA

  15. It doesn’t look like a BMW. it’s way better.

  16. Once u get over the resemblance and brand image factors looking at the car gives only good vibes I won’t mind buying this if its got the new 5.0 gdi engine with 8speed

  17. This is a nice take from KIA…all their new models are really stunning. The Optima and the Sportage are my favorites.

  18. Hats off to the Germans all car manufacturer such as Lexus KIA Hyundai wana follow thier foot steps German cars are no.1 rest just follows no matter what they do the truth is everyone is searching for a deal thats the only reason people except these copy cats.

  19. Maybe because Audi and VW head designer Peter Schreyer moved to Kia 5 years ago and has been working on all these designs we’re seeing now…

    Its like saying Arsenal is trying to copy Barcelona midfield play because they signed Cese Fabregas

    The truth of the matter is they are hiring better designers and engineers to come up with these cars, yes we see the influences of other more expensive cars, but there is a difference between copying and being influenced… and how could it be copying if he IS the designer that made the original. just a few points i would like ppl to think about before bashing a design of a cheaper car thats trying to compete with these other companies at a much lower price range.

  20. soooo what
    whatever man it doesn’t matter if it’s looks like bmw or benz or lamborghini or anything this ( k9 + equus ) gona dominate the luxury market all over the world the equus already took place wt’s really matter is what you are paying for

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