So we got a 2012 Chrysler 300C

So we got a 2012 Chrysler 300C

Truth be told, we feel Chrysler is arguably the best American carmaker right now, if only because they keep sticking a big V8 into half the cars they make. And those cars are some of the best in their segments, with the only competition coming from Ford in terms of pure quality and engineering, while the third one in the Big Three is still chasing short-term profits by peddling Daewoos. The Chrysler 300C, along with its Dodge cousin, is probably the last truly-American full-size rear-wheel-drive V8 barge still in production. And it’s better than ever.

The new 300C has been heavily changed, even if it looks similar. The windshield rake is sharper and the side windows are apparently larger.

While the front looks a little more docile than before, the rear looks more aggressive, with thinner tail lamps and pointy details.

The interior is filled with soft-touch surfaces and visually-attractive trimmings. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think this car is more expensive than it really is. Those chronograph-watch-style gauges are the coolest we’ve seen in ages.

Chryslers remain the only cars we’ve seen that come with heated/cooled cup-holders!

Space is excellent in this full-size car, expectedly. Although we have to say that it isn’t a whole lot more spacious than a midsize Toyota Camry. More in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. Truly USA…………300X LIKE

  2. nice review but in the last u said bout trunk and u comparied it with camry well i will say that camry is front wheel drive and 300c is rear so in rear wheel the sapce is copromised correct me if m wrong so plz dont compare the front wheel with rear wheel no Offense 🙂

  3. I build these cars and hope the Arab community is happy with them. Since the Fiat/Chrysler merger these cars are better quality, better tested and we love to build them. To have a company that the employees can actually have a say on how a car is built it improves the quality of the vehicle. The first week on how to improve the production of the car, 5000 suggestions were offered by the employees and the company actually listened and took our advice.(This did not ever happen before both with Mercedes/Daimler and Cerberus). This company actually listens to its workers and the buyers of these cars get the best car we can possibly build. Enjoy!! A proud Canadian made car!!

  4. another nice report, Mash.

    dont like the design though. looks like a chromed-up drive from the md nineties..

  5. Peddling Daewoos! Haha! Come on the now. You can’t knock the truck lineup and don’t they still produce a Caprice or Holden which is rear wheel drive?!

  6. it is nice car indeed, but you mentioned that when you see the car we will think it is more expensive, but it is not cheap by any means, the loaded V6 comes at 160K which is not cheap for sure, and the V8 i think comes in around 180K which is a little too much given its outdated old 5 speed transmission (which I think the only negative thing in this car), I think the new 3.6 V6 with the ZF 8 speed make the best choice for buyers.

  7. every time i finalize my decision on buying a Chrysler. jaguar ,dodge and lexus taps on me through your ads and leave me from where i began

  8. Hey, can we have the specs list on the full op v6?

  9. Don’t like it, I’ll keep my older version. It’s to ‘Euroboxy’ and has lost the aggressive look it had. It’s verging on being bland looking. Nope, not for me.

  10. The 3.6-litre guise of Chrysler 300 series does well in acceleration,supposed from mechanically-identical Dodge Charger SXT,posting 0-400m in 14.6sec. That’s quite commendable for a combination between 1.7-tonnes and 292bhp V6 unit.
    Indeed she’s as fast as the Volvo S80 3.0 T6(304bhp),yet her abrupt shifting manner of 5-speed AT equipped in 2011 model seems regrettable.
    So the brand-new 8-speed automatic transmission would give her sophisticated manner.

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