Saab Museum reopened in Sweden

Saab Museum reopened in Sweden

In the interest of salvaging bankrupt Saab’s museum collection in Sweden, three parties have stepped up for the cause, namely the city of Trollhättan, SAAB AB and The Wallenberg Foundation. They have purchased the ownership rights for US$ 4.15 million.

Stipulations suggest that the museum’s cars can only be displayed at the museum or regionally on occasion. The museum reopened this weekend will remain opened for the rest of the year.

Meanwhile at the business front, BAIC and Panasonic seems to have joined hands to bid for Saab, as have China’s Youngman and India’s Mahindra. Like some of those exotic and endangered species, it is rightful that Saab must be for saved for what is left of it. But so far, it was former-owner General Motors that was stalling proceedings, even after selling Saab to Spyker, because they didn’t want their technology, whatever there is of it, to fall into the hands of Chinese companies.

In its last years, Saab was increasingly using rebodied versions of GM cars, none of which sold well enough to save the company, and now they’ve shut down completely.

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