Abu Dhabi Police impounds 15 cars in 20 days for doing 200 kph

Abu Dhabi Police impounds 15 cars in 20 days for doing 200 kph

The Abu Dhabi police have announced that over the past 20 days, around 15 cars were impounded for one month, as they were caught speeding at over 200 kph on the motorways linking Abu Dhabi to Dubai and the eastern oasis town of Al Ain.

If you thought you were clever to dodge the fixed speed cameras, the Abu Dhabi police just outwitted you by using their advanced “Sniper” mobile cameras, better known as “Qannas”. Like possession of a vehicle wasn’t any worse, each driver was also fined for Dhs 2000 and had 12 black points added to their licence, out of a maximum 24 allowed per year.

Abu Dhabi police is also known for chasing down speeding motorists on the highway, using all sorts of random unmarked undercover cars.

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  1. great job abu dhabi police. keep up the good work. the unmarked patrol cars are a great idea. everyweek they pull over a bunch of morons who insist on driving like madmen on public roads.
    if only they could also impound/fine the hard shoulder drives next

  2. the driver of the GTR surely loves his job

  3. Teaching and conditioning people how to drive responsibly and maturely would be a worthy investment..

  4. i want to join abu dhabi police so please inform me about the vacancies

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