Shelby 1000 ultimate Mustang showcased at New York Auto Show

Shelby 1000 ultimate Mustang showcased at New York Auto Show

Shelby, the Ford Mustang tuner who quite easily grabbed the spotlight in last year’s New York Auto Show with their insane, asphalt-ripping 800 hp GT500 Super Snake, is all set to repeat the feat with the Shelby 1000.

The Shelby 1000 name, of course, is to highlight the car’s horsepower figure, which is around 950 in street trim and around 1,100 in the S/C track version.

Attached to a manual gearbox, the engine is basically Ford’s 5.4-litre V8. Only that it has been stripped down to the block to add new rods, crank and pistons. Additional upgrades are made to the cooling and exhaust units and supercharger. Rest is basically Shelby magic. Note that the basic engine is from the 2012 GT500, and not the upgraded 2013 block.

To harness the extra power, Shelby has installed a beefier suspension, larger brakes, a single-piece driveshaft and a nine-inch rear end.

Only a limited number of Shelby 1000s will be built, and each will be numbered and documented. The post-title package for the Shelby 1000 starts at US$ 149,995, not including the base GT500, so a completed Shelby 1000 is expected to be around US$ 200,000, well above Dhs 700,000.

Shelby American, will accept orders once the car is unveiled at the 2012 New York International Auto Show. So if any of you have a vacant spot in your million-dollar garage, better get your cheques ready. Mind you, we’re talking 1000 hp.

As a hilarious side-note, the photo above was outed by the U.S. media as being photoshopped to look like the front tyres lifted up as the car is drag-launching.

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  1. Nissan GTR any day ….

  2. @Aziz. A missing gtr? Sorry no thank you. As its value drops and it becomes just another old ugly worthless Japanese car

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