Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 officially revealed in two variants

Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 officially revealed in two variants

The 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe was just revealed at the 2012 New York Auto Show. But the bigger news is that there are two variants of the Santa Fe now, one a “sport” version, and the other, a longer people-carrier version.

The Santa Fe Sport seen above will offer seating for five as well as two 4-cylinder options. About 120 kg lighter than before, the base model comes equipped with a direct-injection 2.4-litre with 190 hp, while a turbo 2.0-litre with 264 hp will be optional. Both will be paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission, with front-wheel-drive or optional all-wheel-drive with torque-vectoring cornering control.

The larger Santa Fe model has three-row seating and has a 100 mm longer wheelbase. It comes with a more powerful 3.3-litre direct-injection V6 with 290 hp, with a the rest of the drivetrain being similar to the Sport model. It likely replaces the Hyundai Veracruz as well, which went out of production a few months ago.

Expect the new Santa Fe models to reach UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and other GCC markets by the second half of this year.

Keep track of future prices and specs in the Hyundai buyer guide.

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  1. from the rear sport is a clear copy of lexus and the normal ‘fe’ a copy of some family crossovers…but overall done in a more refined manner…they even copied kia optimas fog lamp….interiors horibble…

  2. Looks good in my books! Looks modern enough at least….engine choices and prices will remain a mystery to all GCC markets until it actually lands here…lets see…

  3. I think it looks fantastic..
    Somehow makes me feel sorry for all those who got the old one recently… 🙁

  4. the so called “sport” model looks better

    hope that 2.0T engine is enough for it…

  5. The problem with Hyndai in KSA is Service(Wallan riyadh). To fix a door feeding which cause air noise they had taken 10 days. Lack of response and slow service.

  6. i would like to know the 7 seater model would be 4WD or AWD..

  7. I am interested in buying a Santa fe 2012, although I do not see much Santa fee in Saudi. Any particular reason? The base price as advised by Al-majdouie (dammam) is SR 95000. Is it worth spending on this brand. please advise

    Baqar Naqvi

  8. Santafe 2012 cost starts from 88,000 in Riyadh for 3.5 6V , i would appreciate knowing when this 2013 will be available in saudi arabia

  9. the car is nice but the V6 model they copied of lexus and then the every thing is fine but it is good i have santa fe 2012 it is working very good


  11. only one word! perfeckto.

  12. I want this!! how about payment terms?

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