Sharjah Police bans modified cars with permanent seizures

Sharjah Police bans modified cars with permanent seizures

Close to 120 engine-modified vehicles, including both cars and quad bikes, were impounded by Sharjah police, soon after a new rule was implemented by the Ruler of Sharjah, to confiscate any vehicle with modified engines or exhaust systems that create loud noise and disturb neighborhoods. This rule would also apply to vehicles that are registered in other emirates. According to Sharjah Police, the vehicles were seized permanently, and would not be returned to their owners, whatever their conditions may be.

What’s more, besides just vehicle owners, any automotive workshop that may be involved in engine or exhaust system modifications, that makes a vehicle’s engine sound louder than usual, would also be shut down permanently, according to Gulf News.

Better late than never, while imposing ‘fat-fines’ may not always have been most convincing to rash drivers, perhaps confiscating their means of reckless transportation will reduce safety risks that motorists bring to others and themselves. Of course, not all owners of modified cars are reckless, and they’ll get hit by this too. Ironically, a modified car show was just held in Sharjah last month.

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  1. good job sharjah. nice way to get even more people out of your poor broke emirate.

  2. this is no of no good blindly implying rules like as usual , i pity em tuners

  3. this is crap since Modified or unmodified don’t differ, coz it would indiscriminately affect the modified cars which would be confiscated from the roads and leave behind the exotic & expensive rides (Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati e.t.c.)

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