Acura RLX 2013 concept hints at future Honda Legend

Acura RLX 2013 concept hints at future Honda Legend

Acura, Honda’s luxury brand that is offered only in North America, unveiled the concept version for the 2013 RLX at the recent 2012 New York Auto Show, in an effort to revive its existence in the upper-midsize luxury segment.

Firstly and quite noticeably, the concept features a new design direction for the upscale marque, projecting more elegance than the outgoing RL. The RLX, like most Honda and Acura concepts, is expected to look much the same in production trim. Obviously, an exception is the rather fussy-looking concept wheels, which will be replaced.

The RLX concept packs some new technology under the hood with an all-new 3.5-litre V6 mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. But the concept also features an advanced Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system that helps boost overall power to a V8-like 370 hp.

The ‘hybrid’ part of that title includes what Acura is calling a ‘unique dual electric motor drive unit with a bilateral torque adjustable control system.’ Basically, it is an electric all-wheel-drive setup with torque-vectoring on the rear axle.

Another alternative will be a solitary 3.5 litre V6 with front-wheel-drive, producing 310 hp. The newbie is also marked under 1800 kg, so it should be a brisk accelerator and steady handler.

The RLX will feature state-of-the-art communications, navigation and infotainment technologies with intuitive and easy-to-operate controls and dual LCD screens.

This Acura is also known to offer an extensive array of passive and active safety features as standard, including a Collision Mitigation Braking System and an all-new Lane Keep Assist System. In addition, Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning will also be offered.

The production Acura RLX is expected to be available in the US by early 2013. Unfortunately Acura is not offered in the GCC, although at one time, this model’s predecessor was offered in the UAE as a Honda Legend. The Legend was cancelled here a few years ago due to slow sales.

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  1. i love thisss carrr

  2. Check out these Acura NSX rolling in, at the Avengers Red Carpet + some other Acura models …

    Trading Enterprises ought to start thinking about bringing in these cars into the UAE market.. and not as a Honda Legend etc etc… retain the Acura Badge!

  3. Acura is not only offered in North America, also offered in China.

  4. yes we need acura here…

  5. i m in love with those rims and head lights

  6. Cmon AlFuttaim, wake up and smell the coffee beans, we want the Acura here!!

  7. except new rlx rest of the acura line-up has an alien face… visit…..

  8. Why isn’t the Acura sold in the UAE?

    Lexus & Infinity are here, both of which are doing quite well. The local Honda dealer here needs to think forward rather than play safe.

  9. Prolly this car will have more prestige than any other car on the road, If it comes with exactly same design by the name of Honda Legend, I am gona dirty my hands on this beauty:D

  10. Here that Acura is coming here by 2014.

  11. for those calling to bring acura here, hondas are being sold for stupidly high prices, so what about acuras, i think if they bring this here then the trading enterprises will be asking for the sum of BMW 5 series

  12. so do you want acura to be exactly the same price like HONda? lol.. obviously it would be similar or somewhat less than BMW, but I am sure it would be more than BMW, infiniti or lexus.

    • Good, go and buy this front wheel drive crap for the same price of a beamer, it is very clear that you know much about cars.


    • Samer, every individual has a different taste, you cant force anyone against their choice.

      A person such as Rhymes will look out for a Honda offering quality, refinement & reliability.

      Another person might look out for Nissan, offering more gizmos and reliability.

      You most probably will look out for Kia offering low pricing and looks.

  13. @ samer no need to be so sarcastic ! I really dont know about cars that much to be honest!
    Im just love with this car, its not like i hate beamers, i love em alot, but again crowd only see those things which is eye catchin, so this wat acura seems to be..

  14. And FYI acuras are AWD.

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