Lada puts an end to 2107 Riva production

Lada puts an end to 2107 Riva production

It is all over for the 2107, as Lada confirmed last week that they were ceasing the production of their long-standing model, which is also known as the Riva. It began touring the roads of Russia since the 1970s, and is known to have Fiat origins.

With the end of the Riva, Lada’s main aim will be to concentrate on newer models like the Granta, Priora and Kalina, which are going to move into the Izhavto production facility that had been building the “Seven,” and Lada is expecting the demand for newer cars to rise as models with more features and body style variations continue to be rolled out.

But the classic Lada, which made famous appearances in the grainy films and video clips from the old Soviet days, will surely be missed.

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  1. its a “legend” – pun intended..

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