Heriot-Watt University hosts fashion show at Infiniti Centre Dubai

Heriot-Watt University hosts fashion show at Infiniti Centre Dubai

The new Infiniti Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road held a fashion show on 20th April 2012, hosted by Heriot Watt University. The event titled Aura Fashion Show promoted designs of the university’s fashion-design students. This is the second time a fashion show is hosted at the new Infiniti Centre, the first one being held earlier last month showcasing clothing lines of international designer Akl Fakih and Emarati designer Fatima Al Kaabi. It is part of of a marketing push to associate the upscale Infiniti brand with high-society happenings.

The Aura Fashion Show was held in association with fashion and beauty industry marques like Splash, Iconic, Sisters Beauty Lounge, Nadine Make-Up, Mawaheb, Cartoon Network Arabia and Fragrance Foundation Arabia. Fifty models walked the stage showcasing the pioneering collection of fashion students, which included clothing lines like made-to-measure menswear, mythical goddess-inspired draped evening wear, tailored jackets and 3D outfits inspired by architecture, all meticulously sewn with a variety of fabrics like jersey, silk and creative twills.

While Arabian Automobiles may be recognised as a car dealer only, its collaboration with fashion designers and hosting fashion events at the Infiniti Centre is creating new portals for audiences to experience its new retail environment, a fine marketing strategy to promote the brand to a broader audience.

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