Hamann customises the 2012 BMW M5

Hamann customises the 2012 BMW M5

Hamann Motorsport, the renowned car tuning specialists from Germany, has customised the latest BMW M5, giving it a much-needed visual upgrade and some power boost.

Hamann’s customisation programme for the BMW M5 largely involves visual modifications, which include a wide body-kit incorporating LED daytime driving lights in the front fascia, roof and rear spoilers, and a choice of ultra-light Unique Forged II or Edition Race “Anodized” racing wheels. Hamann will also offer a performance enhancement shortly, which will see the V8 twin-turbo engine in the BMW M5 cranking out a massive 710 hp and 900 Nm of torque. The Hamann M5 will sport a refreshed high-quality hand-crafted leather-clad interior with piano lacquer, leather or Alcantara finishes available as extra add-ons, besides the aluminium pedals, personalised floor-mat set, Hamann logos all around and more.

The Hamann BMW M5 costs well over an equivalent of Dhs 770,000 in Germany, and may appear in our market later this year.

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  1. now this is call a CAR…

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