So we got a 2012 Honda CR-V

So we got a 2012 Honda CR-V

The outgoing Honda CR-V was one car that really needed a makeover. As versatile as it was, the exterior design was way too awkward. Still, it sold in droves because it was, well, a Honda. The CR-V has been given a makeover for 2012, and it looks pretty slick now.

Some elements of the styling are derivative, but it comes together as a whole just fine. The CR-V now comes with HID headlights and 18-inch alloys in top trim, but that’s about as upscale as it gets.

The interior is completely new, but retains some familiar elements from the old CR-V, such as the high-mounted shifter and the hard plastics. There’s even less padded areas on the new model than in the old one, though the armrests are thankfully still cushy. We liked the pretty multi-layered gauges though.

The new CR-V has lost all the quirky storage options of the old one. Gone are the dual glove-boxes, double-decker boot, 40:20:40-split rear bench and the walkthrough front centre-console, all replaced by more common features such as, you know, one glovebox, one boot floor, a 60:40 bench and a normal centre-console.

At least some noteworthy engineering can still be found, such as the rear seat-folding mechanism. The 3-step folding procedure is completed by pulling just a single lever, although pulling it all back up is handled manually. The seat-back can tilt forward and backward too, unlike in, say, the Kia Sportage. But then again, the CR-V has a much bigger boot anyway.

The Honda CR-V has arguably become a bit more conservative now, and it might actually appeal more to the kind of conservative clientele that keep it high in the sales charts. More in the full review.

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  1. It looks like the awkward love child of a Lexus RX350 and Volvo XC60

  2. Mash, I noticed your review seemed to be superficial and uninspired. I suppose this car is boring.

  3. This car is what they call an ”authentic” car, Awesome!

  4. I wish Honda comes up with Good Speakers, I hate the quality of Speakers in Honda, Mash I request you if you could tell us the quality of Speakers in upcoming cars too PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…
    Btw I just Saw your S2000 on facebook, MashahALLAh it looks Gawjus…. Stay safe:)

    • i would disagree on the speakers part. i have what they call the honda premium speakers on my accord v6 EX and they are absolutely brilliant. my friend owning an altima with the bose speakers compared it to the quality of the bose if thats the benchmark you want to follow and the speakers never hurt the ears even at very high volume

    • Author

      I wouldn’t know. Everything sounds good to me. I only classify them as “decent” or “good” in my review. None are particularly bad, considering I don’t crank up the sound to deafening levels.

  5. i thought it will come with “7-seater version”, with that size, and with that boot size, i guess a third row seat would be realistic.

  6. I would still go for Kia Sportage. Best car in this segement

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