Long-term update: 2012 Lexus IS 300C goes trippy

Long-term update: 2012 Lexus IS 300C goes trippy

In the first week we had our 2012 Lexus IS 300C long-termer, we reset the trip computer to measure fuel economy while the car is in our hands, and not as an average carrying on from previous drivers. But just to test the accuracy of the trip computer, we decided to do some manual calculations as well.

In those first few days, we calculated that we had burned 10.7 litres/100 km, even involving a Dubai-Abu Dhabi trip in between. But the trip computer was showing a steadfast 8.7 litres/100 km. We figured the computer had gone full-retard, and we began doubting if all cars had daft trip computers that were way off.

But we decided to manually calculate the economy for a second session, again involving a Dubai-Abu Dhabi trip at some point. This time we calculated 8.6 litres/100 km. Interestingly, the trip computer is showing exactly the same thing, 8.6 litres/100 km under the “AVERAGE” display. On the other hand, the “TANK AVERAGE” display jumps around a lot more, and was showing 9.0 litres/100 km, but it is hard to say how that display operates, considering we keep filling up the tank long before it reaches empty. Either way, we can place some amount of trust on the trip computer again.

Maybe we were pounding on it a lot more in the first week, getting used to the slightly-underpowered motor. Maybe the trip computer doesn’t really reset all the way, saving some old data for the average. Either way, we are finally happy with the fuel consumption of our Lexus. Imagine that we were getting 11.2 litres/100 km with both the 1.8-litre 2010 Chevrolet Cruze and the 2.0-litre 2005 Peugeot 307 XSI when we had those as long-termers. At the time, we used to think those were somewhat-acceptable numbers. It seems we pound on smaller engines harder because they take ages getting up to speed, which isn’t as much of a problem with a V6 motor.

Original Mileage When Borrowed: 4,640 km
Latest Mileage To Date: 6,600 km
Latest Average Fuel Economy: 8.6 litres/100 km
Cost of Latest Problems: Dhs 0
Cost of Latest Maintenance: Dhs 0

Total Non-Fuel Running Cost Since Borrowed: Dhs 0

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  1. i am getting 11.7 on a 2006 V8 Mustnag convertable manual, on dubai-abudhabi highway. not bad for a big v8!

  2. imho this is one of the most outdatedly looking and overprices cars in the market these days. i dont see any argument to go for this one, knowing mercedes, bmw, audi, volvo, etc all offer more recent and much better looking cars..

    quality is the only reason why i could think of this one here.. 🙁

    • Author

      I believe the cars you mention are way more expensive. Even the Volvo! In fact, if you didn’t point this out, I wouldn’t have noticed. This one costs 180k basic.

  3. as far as I remember the IS 300 conv. costs over 200k, something around 207, maybe they reduced the price, but this is not Al futtaim habit

    • Author

      The base price was always 180k. My car seems to be the 215k version, and it only adds adaptive cruise, pre-crash system, wood on steering wheel, navigation with rear camera and 4 extra speakers. There are only two trim levels.

  4. 215k dhs?!!
    Its so dull, this car has no personality. Mashfique you seem to like this car. would you pay this money for it? you are using the car so you have a better view than us. I dont like it anyway, but pls tell us if you’d put your hand in your pocket and pay 215k dhs for this car?

    • Author

      If I were spending 200k+ on a car, I’d buy a Dodge Challenger SRT8. Or a Porsche Cayman S. Or a used Ferrari F360. I am not the right person to ask because I am not the target market, just like how I’d never buy a Toyota Prado or a Honda CR-V, but they’re great cars. As far as I can see, it is perfectly-priced and well-loaded for those who want a hardtop-convertible. I already commented on the looks in previous updates.

  5. Im not the target of this Lexus either,
    but I can have an opinion about it.
    What you told us is that the car is worth the money as its perfectly priced. Thats good to know. Most of the Lexus’s do I’d say. However I’d still not buy it cos its dull looks. It doesnt deliver in that sense for me.
    For that money I’d go for a real sports car, like the one you mentioned, the Dodge SRT8, but not only. Camaro, Mits Evo, Golf R…..would also be on my list.

    • Author

      From that list, almost all of them are pretty awful to drive daily (except Golf R, which gets zero respect from taxi drivers). I’ve been driving the Lexus a lot more than the Honda because of that.

  6. Mashfique,
    I dont give a damn about the respect taxi drivers are having or not for my wheels. I buy the cars that I like and make me happy.
    If I will buy a sports car, that would be my second car, so I won’t drive it every day.
    Thanks for sharing anyway.

    • Author

      The person who likes this car won’t give a damn about your or my opinion either. So you answered the question 🙂

  7. Mash, speaking of the dodge challenger srt-8 i am planning to buy it in a month or so I wana no its fuel consumption for highway driving and how is the car overall i have heard good reviews about but not many bad ones. Did u test drive the 2012 model?

  8. Away from the other cars from other categories, If I’m shopping for hard top convertible I will still not buy this, i would go to the G37 coupe convertible, better looks, much more power and equipment.

  9. I looked on the roads to spot a IS300C. Been looking for a few days. I drived daily from Tecom to the airport and around the city. Didn’t see at least one. I guess the target market of this car also shares my opinion that is not an atractive car and buys something else.

  10. I know this is a rather old post, but since I stumbled upon it and saw a lot of harsh review, thought I’d post my experience. I’ve been driving this car for a year, and vouch for the driving experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. If you’re someone who wants a 4 seater, hard top convertible, there aren’t many options. And of the options available in this price range, this is by far the best. I have a couple of friends who have the 3 series convertible, and wish they wouldn’t have bought it.

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