Saudi gets 150 lashes for reckless drifting

Saudi gets 150 lashes for reckless drifting

A young Saudi, who had been caught several times earlier for reckless driving, has been sentenced to 150 lashes after police caught him this time for drifting with his car in the kingdom.

According to Arabian Business, while police officials are trying to discourage young men from practicing tafheet drifting stunts, they’ve also warned of giving strict penalties to those who are caught defying traffic laws.

Saudi Arabia apparently has the highest traffic-accident death toll in the world, with an average of 17 people dying on the roads each day. A large percentage of these accidents are thanks to unmarried young men screwing around in cars, according to a report by the World Health Organization.

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  1. Finally.. You’ll not see people pretending to help the drift accident victim instead in reality taking out car speakers and audio system… ! :))

  2. “A large percentage of these accidents are thanks to unmarried young men screwing around in cars”


  3. I had a question did the lunatic actually drift in a front wheel drive Honda Accord?

    • Well, generally they throw the car into a spin at 180 kph while weighed down by three idiot friends riding along, and that’s the Saudi version of drifting.

    • Yep, seen this Saudia version of drifting before…. they leave their brains outside before stepping into their cars. .. Just as Salma said, ‘some’ unmarried young Saudi men have nothing better left but to screw their cars

  4. From personal nightmare experiences in the past I would say that its probably the most dangerous place on earth to drive or be anywhere near a road

  5. yeah Saudis can drift front wheel drive cars too,also the speed is 180-200kmph, else u cannot drift with front wheel drives,
    If some one can organize these guys in to proper sports , Japanese have to think twice

  6. to be precised it should be endangering others lives

  7. The Japs drift around tight mountain roads in properly equipped cars, sometimes together like a formation. I don’t think what the Saudis do is comparable.

    Any body can take a car and make it spin on a wide straight road. Saudis are just bored enough to try it in front wheel drive cars. They would die pretty fast flying off a mountain road.

    Hilarious and sad all at the same time.

  8. Hahaha 150 lashes won’t set his brain on his head properly. Many 500 lashes might work

  9. poor japanese cars which are destined for this Kingdom.. these ppl mimic emergency seat ejection similar to the fighter jets.

  10. I think the golden rule is to leave your brain home before you get into the car. Since I guess most of these guys never had a brain they probably didn’t have to leave anything home

  11. OMG !!what a freaky video was dat….i think its not only unmarried but desperate pyschos….:O

  12. I think this guyz should be given chance for the motorsports world not to slash them. What they are doing is tremendous job and yes ofcourse if you wanna do adventures you have to risk your life. Its adventure and why do people blame saudi arabians for their adventerous driving. Till now I didn’t saw any news that someone jumped from niagra falls which is far more risky and have been slashed for it. Instead of punishing this guys we should appreciate their hard work and their effort. This is one of the best thing what they are doing and making the country name in the world. Because this drift not an ordinary person can do it needs big time skills and big efforts and a big big heart.

  13. 150 lashes is harsh, this is good fun if done right, its true its dangerous if this is done on traffic road but off road (kacha) so much fun.

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