Kia K9 flagship sedan engine specs released

Kia K9 flagship sedan engine specs released

In a bid to compete head-to-head with the European luxury brands, Kia has revealed further details of their all-new flagship model, based on their first ever rear-wheel-drive platform.

Sharing the same wheelbase as a Hyundai Equus, but a fair bit shorter, it went on sale earlier this week in homeland Korea under the name ‘K9’. The K9 is 5,090 mm long, 1,900 mm wide and 1,490 mm tall and is designed to offer generous amount of cabin space.

The K9 will be powered by a 286 hp Lambda 3.8-litre “MPI” V6 engine, while a direct-injection 330 hp 3.8-litre “GDI” V6 engine will join the line-up later on. Both engines will be matched to an 8-speed automatic transmission with shift-by-wire technology.

Ride and handling characteristics will be taken care of by electronically-controlled air suspension and the five-link front and rear suspension geometry.

Safety features presents itself in the form of fully adaptive all-LED headlamps, Lane Departure Warning System, Blind-Spot Detection and a four-camera Around-View Monitor.

Premium features include a 12.3-inch TFT LCD cluster, a HUD, twin 9.2-inch monitors to entertain rear seat occupants and a 17-channel, 17-speaker Lexicon sound system and Smart Cruise Control.

The ‘VIP’ option will offer heated and ventilated rear seats with a reclining backrest, sliding cushion and lower leg support together with a front passenger seat that slides forwards when unoccupied.

Here in Saudi Arabia, UAE and other GCC countries, we expect to see the K9 launched later this year as a 2013 model under a different name. Even with a name-change though, it will still retain its BMW-inspired styling, right down to that joystick shifter.

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  1. What the.. hahahahahahahahaah !!
    Seriously ?! ,even the shifter !!

    • seriously dudes …this is funny!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))))))

    • So what if it looks like the BMW 7 series. If anything it looks like a much more refined and much more handsome version of the 7 series. This car has been made to prove that you don’t have to spend a million bucks on a car, when the same luxury could be bought for a tenth of the price. This just goes to show just how much of an excess margin German car makers command for their cars, riding on the back of their names. And you know what, German cars are well known for their pathetic reliability. So in essence, you spend your life savings on a car which after two or three years will start plaguing you with never ending problems, which will dig a deeper hole into your pockets ‘(considering the costs of service and spare-parts). Why not on the other hand buy a KIA, which has everything that the BMW has, for a fraction of the cost, and definitely much much lower cost of maintenance.

      It called Logic. A lot of people lack it. Its demonstrated by the way people run behind ‘Brand Names’ to convince themselves that its the best buy.

      Sorry if this was harsh, but it is true.


    • There is a difference between “resemblence” and “exact copying”. This car is only a resemblence of the bmw, but DOESNT EXACTLY COPY IT. For God’s Sake take only 5 mins looking at both cars pictures side by side and you’ll notice something is different. Do your self a favor and try.

  2. Good Interior and Exterior styling… We should ask Toyota to recruit some designer like this.

  3. Completely copied BMW seris.

  4. *facepalm*

    With their recent designs (sportage, optima etc) you would expect them to come up with something more original for the flagship model. Quite disappointed…

  5. Sad really.. And I thought they were making strides in moving ahead and being original..
    They just pretty much copied all that they could find. Even the darn Interior!

  6. i think even BMW was starting to get fedup with the styling of current 7…..and kia blindly copied it …..

  7. Welcome KIA to your original position where you copy all other brands. Come on be original for God sake

  8. KIA designers are playing a stupid game here by copying BMW, i think they are getting paid for copying and pasting.

  9. i think the interiors are awesome

  10. I am not complaining if the prices are lower and quality is better.

  11. First of all, all “Well known brands” starting luxury brands usually go the safe way and present similar models to other known luxury brands, did you forget the first lexus LS and how it looked much like a mercedes? second, the designer is german and these designs are his signature not the signature of any brand, we know that the optima looks nice but still it has many clues and lines from audi and nobody can deny that, besides, this car will surely come at competitve price and that is better than having a camry with “original” design as you call it … for god sake Japanese need to change their habits, let them start using some LEDs or light tubes in their lights and add some design, they replaced the old camry LED tail light with traditional 80 years old bulbs, after 3 years they will re introduce them and call it a facelift … come on, have you seen the tail lights of the new Kia Rio or even the full option Picanto which costs 40K? Japanese should be ashamed of producing the new civic at 80K base price !!! or the camry at 88K base price while having bulbs used in children toys

    • Your work for Kia, don’t you? 😉

    • No I dont work for KIA and if you read the reply you will see that I mentioned Sonata too, I’m talking about value here away from the brand and for those talking about copy paste of BMW, go and do some study for car designing philosophies first and then come to talk, otherwise be quiet please, the car is inspired by old GT cars which is the same source of inspiration for BMW, and the car has many hints from maserati quattroporte too (if you notice) and there are things called “physics and dynamics” that are all designers confined by and well known categories, have you noticed the similarty in shape (not size) between the new lancer and dodge charger in the front end and grill? now every time I see the new civic from behind I confuse it with the 2005 camry, who would you go and pay 88K happily for no 3 spec honda civic and wouldnt do the same for this car …. enough lying on ourselves and let us be realistic

  12. seriously….peter schreyer has disappointed everybody… a luxury sedan meant a lot of scope for an innovative design of his….shame…

  13. In a way it looks more like a jag IMO. Really like it though, slick interiors

  14. dont know why BMW is still waiting ? why dont they sue them?

  15. Any idea regarding the price? Will it be in the price category of the Avalon? This car is a serious contender to the eurpoean rivals, I wouldnt mind paying a lot lesser for all that luxury coupled with a 5 year unlimited warranty. I really feel that a lot is going to change in the coming years (i.e.) the koreans will take over the automobile industry, just as they took over the electronics industry with LG and Samsung becoming market leaders and Major brands like Sony, Hitachi left to bite the dust. Its just a matter of time, the effects can already be seen. I see a lot more sonatas, optimas and cadenzas on the roads than ever before, more than even the new (read “ancient”) Camry which seems to have gone back in time.

    How many of you would agree with me?


  16. As for the people talking about copying, lets not get ahead of ourselves. At least KIA has come out with a worthy contender and not made cardboard on wheels (Eg. Camry, Yaris, corolla) while selling it for a price worth 100 times more than its original value. If KIA has allowed a middle class person like me to be able to afford the ultimate luxury at an affordable price, then why not like KIA? By saying its copied, is similar to saying that Compact Discs by different brands are all copied. Its ridiculous. All im saying is rather than being negative and criticizing KIA, lets appreciate the fact that it has proven to its rivals that you dont need to spend your life’s savings just to enjoy luxury.


  17. Totally agree with Emad. I know many would talk about reliability and stuff but let us be honest, a brand new car runs for at least 3 years without problems, then for resale, please have mercy on us, we buy the camry or accord for 100k, spend 10-15K on service at dealership and then sell it with 40-45k after 4 years, so why dont I get the sonata for 75K, then spend 6-8K at dealer and then sell it for 30K, it is the same or even better, and let us be realistic too, nowadays nobody is keeping his car for over 5 years at maximum … for God sake have you seen the exhaust tips of new camry, the bumper is wide and there are no curves in it for the tips which have no chrome tips, so they are hanging from below rusty and ugly as if they are after market ones attached with glue …. maybe toyota thinks that we dont care about these details .. you know what …. WE DO CARE about these things and IT SHOWS in your sales figures

    • True. Like people hate Kia for stupid reasons like the “name” and “copy” thingys…i hate camry for something equally stupid like “EXHAUST”…and that was since 2005 models until today. Gosh…they never change !

  18. I agree with E-MAD… But i hate the name KIA :S

  19. KIA is a global contender in the auto industry, no matter what people think and they have their own unique design. BTW, this model was presented couple of yrs back, as a future model, so i doubt the intent was to copy the new 5 Series, especially that the launch date of the 2 models is so close. (All KIA line up is unique and Korean designs outperform all other manufacturers nowadays).

  20. Btw i bought accord v6 for 115000 n sold for 78000 after 4 yrs 🙂

    • yeah? but you didnt tell us how much it cost to maintain for 4 years in dealership? or you were just changing oil and filter and the fool who bought it for 78K will start having serious problems after he bought it if it is not maintained in dealership? it is known that honda parts are almost like german cars prices….

  21. Too much copy pasta for my taste.

  22. front copy from Bmw 7 series,body style 2nd gen GS lexus n back like lexus LS

    picanto is copy of yaris
    cadenza is copy of Lexus IS

  23. i think people dont knw da history of kia

    kia launched its first car in 80s kia pride (its 1983 mazda 121)
    kia n hyundai
    some years these both companies uses mitsubishi engines n plateforms also

  24. Why all this negative…. Iam proud owner of Kia cadenza (K7). All i have seen is green faces & heart burns of people who spend double the money for the same or even lesser luxury.

  25. HI Guys i almost read all comments from Mr. E-mad & ahmed

    Dear Guys KIA or Toyota or Honda are you people having any models from them ? 2008 ? 2009 2010 ? 2011 ? 2012 ? ???
    i used Civic 2009 which was perfect really good but you all didnt see what they done with new 2012 civic ? man totally changed which is not attracted at all at all sorry to say but really bad shape

    what about camry? i am still using camry 2009 but what they did with 2012 ? just i can say hahaha because they wants to beat hundai and kia they try something different,

    KIA i buy kia cadenza last year 2011 model still with me 5year warranty regardless Kilometer isnt that great man ? no need to wait for the appointment like toyota for one month all covered in 5year looks ? you all says great just wow….. if you sit inside that did you see cerato ? did you see rio ? all behind optima ? man why you people just doing tasbih about BM BM BM BM BM BMW ? because of name only ? then you are not human you are monkey sorry to say but its fact if you see better then that and loq price and still you are looking for bmw because of name then you people are so stupid.

    i am agree with emad totally.

  26. wht is the price?

  27. I Would never say KIA is a bad option. as i support Emad and ahmed. if we run behind brand names like BMW, audi, merc.. towards v we end burning our pockets for the services and spares.. and being a middle class man.. u can call KIA as a poor mans luxury.,,!! u get all the those gadgets and features which u get in those “BMW’s”, tht too half the price. I own a camry and FJ cruiser. i am not happy wit the camry features either

    i was going thru the sites to buy a KIA cadenza and got a chance to knw abt Qurios (k9).. i was lookin for reviews..and i am happy to say.. i am going for it..

  28. Well if I say car design first of all old Mercedes S330 its nice design can you can see the deferent. What a nice front and side elevation. After that Kia optima one of best design car ok now kia K9 well I would like to say if they do little bit change on front grill would be nice otherwise its very nice design car well done peter schreyer. Gute arbeit

  29. guys in the middle east area the old history was for the japanese cars, after 2011,2012 many people starts to shift to Korean cars because its price and even acceptable reliability not only kia rio or picanto, optma also suv’s like soreto and sportage i bought corolla 2010 one of my freinds bought kia sportage suv with same price of my car and much more good looking cars i was not convinced at 1st with kia but now after 3 yrs both cars run almost the same km and they both look fine whey to pay the same price for a sedan car and don’t pay it for suv bigger good looking car?

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