Nissan Juke-R to be offered for sale on special-order

Nissan Juke-R to be offered for sale on special-order

In a bit of surprise news, Nissan has announced that its over-the-top Juke-R crossover will be made available to buy in a very limited run on build-to-order basis. Orders will be taken for the next four weeks.

The Juke-R made its global debut in Dubai in January this year as part of a global publicity stunt. Nissan has now received firm orders for three cars to be built, two of them from Dubai itself.

Nissan will build more Juke-Rs upon request and will be taking orders in the coming four weeks, before production starts in earnest. In the original media event, there were already two prototypes built that took turns appearing at events, or sometimes together even. They proved to be popular enough that some rich bigwigs wanted to buy them on the spot.

While the original Juke-R protoypes were based on the 2010 Nissan GT-R’s running gear, the run of new cars will benefit from the drivetrain and chassis of the 2012 GT-R and, we assume, a better put-together interior. With the build of the first cars underway, the three cars will be delivered to their new owners in late summer.

The Nissan Juke-R was used to film some online videos, culminating in a new mini-movie that was released to coincide with this production announcement.

The Nissan Juke-R prototypes were also used as pace cars at the Dubai 24-Hour race earlier this year, and we also managed to get a stint behind the wheel of one at the Dubai Autodrome. To read more about the prototypes, check out our previous Nissan Juke-R coverage.

Update: The Nissan Juke-R special-order reportedly has a price-tag of US$ 590,000, or about Dhs 2.2 million.

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