Toyota Aurion 2012 now in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

Toyota Aurion 2012 now in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

The 2012 Toyota Aurion, essentially a redone version of the 2012 Toyota Camry, but fitted with a V6 engine and better interior appointments, is now available in the UAE. It has already been on sale in other GCC countries like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia since late last month.

In the UAE, the 2012 Toyota Aurion comes in two grades, namely Sports and Grande. In other markets such as Saudi Arabia, the grades are dubbed as Touring and Grande, with further variations of the two.

The Aurion Grande looks like a Toyota Camry with the front and rear clips completely changed. Only the Aurion Grande gets leather trim, 7-inch touchscreen navigation & DVD player, Bi-Xenon headlights with intelligent “AFS” and headlamp cleaner, and 8 way memory seats for the driver, all standard for the UAE. Navigation is optional in the Saudi model.

The Aurion Sports model loses those features, but is instead fitted with a sport-tuned suspension, fabric sport seats with enhanced support, a newly-designed three spoke steering, paddle shifters, stereo with 6.1-inch display, 17-inch wheels and an exclusive front grille as well as sporty front and rear bumper skirts, all standard for the UAE. The moonroof and 17-inch alloys is optional on the Saudi Touring model.

All models get a carryover 268 hp 3.5-litre V6 engine with a 6-speed automatic, covered cup-holders, dual-zone auto a/c, Bluetooth, USB/AUX ports, keyless start, cruise control, rear parking sensors, front and side-curtain airbags, ABS, stability control and more.

Prices in the UAE are Dhs 115,000 for the Sports and Dhs 125,000 for the Grande. Prices in Saudi Arabia are SAR 108,000 to SAR 115,000 for the Touring and SAR 121,000 to SAR 126,000 for the Grande.

Keep track of further updates in the Toyota Aurion buyer guide.

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  1. Author

    And yes, I noticed the photos of the Aurion Sports were photoshopped from the regular version, for some reason.

  2. NOoooooooooooooooo , Aurion was my fav one , Wat the hell they did to the aurion now :(:(:(…
    2011 model looks damn hot, the new model is so so ugly , even ugly than ugly …
    I am soo dissapointed..

  3. previous model looks so sporty , not this one. 4-5 yrs is that less time , that they cannot come up with an gorgeous design ? thats ridiculous. and why toyota is not putting LEDs…?

  4. ya,look like camry in thailand

  5. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…..they have released the Japanese specs V6 Camry as Aurion here ! Hahahahahaha….damn it Toyota, are u playing with us ??

  6. if i was to buy this car i would re-think and ask what did i just pay for the camry,corolla or aurion ? this is ugly, aurion has lost its vibe just like the camry

  7. No No No, you are all wrong … did you forget it is TOYOTA… nobody can talk about it like this … it is TOYOTA … did you forget that ….. it is ugly but we must all go and buy it because it will bring is very good RESALE VALUE ….!!!!!????? people here are exaggerating the resale value of toyota to the degree that they forgot with how much the bought the car from the dealer, 2 days ago I saw and ad for 2009 Prado with 70k on the odo offered for 137K …. hahahaha this is the best joke i have heard for a while, the car at that year was at 140+K at the dealer so the owner didnt reduce the car’s price, he just discounted the tires price so the new owner can fit new tires while the car is still at the same price of the dealer !!!! have mercy on our brains for God sake

    • Overacting drama queen

    • I didnt get what you mean, I’m man so next time if you want to mock say “king”, otherwise I’m ready to show you my manhood in reality, be respected and respect yourself or shut up, I was not aggressive to any person, I’m not liking the car and this my opinion and everybody should respect it, if you have a different opinion just say it or be quiet.

  8. Toyots’s and Honda’s are drowning !!! They are in a deep hell..

  9. I dont think they are drowning , especially toyota, its true they are lagging behind in design of their new cars, they have produced robust models for many years, they are in a bad phase at the moment, im sure they will recover themselves very soon. And same goes to honda too.

    • What do you mean by soon? they are introducing new models that are hideous and will not change for at least 5 years, is 5 years considered soon for you?

  10. the exterior is hideous, the interior wouldn’t look out of place on a lexus though

  11. as per the pics exterior and interior looks way too conservative ….

  12. Even if we disregard the changes in look, the Dodge Charger & Ford Taurus give you more car for the same amount of cash.

  13. this car will fail especially when the new much better looking Avalon arrives… if one case shell out AED 125k for this a AED 20k more can get u an avalon.

    Prado prediction= Aurion = FAIL

  14. Shameless Toyota…

  15. In Qatar, it has been put on display during mid of last month. I was totally disappointed to see the ugly exterior. Interior is nice and somewhat similar to the new Camry. I don’t understand whats Toyota upto with such ugly exteriors !!!

  16. For sure this car is much ugly than the previous one,especially the sport with an uglier body kit
    which remind you power rangers toys for some reason.This can be good for the owners of previous model of Aurion which is thye same case of Prado when launched the new shape,that’s why we can see Pradoo 2009 almost at same price when bought as new.I don’t understand why this people in Australia didn’t made simply a camry V6 since the new camry looks much nicer than this ugly looking aurion.They said that in Australia they create the aurion to make the difference betwen the owners of 4 cyl and 6 cyl camry some how to reward them but you can see from this stupid new look that they are penalizing the owners of the 6 cyl engine.Probably the new aurion designer was drunk when he made this ugly car,he drunk too much sake that night.

    • I can understand why Al Futtaim didn’t make a big marketing campaign as they did for other new models like new yaris,camry or the facelifted Land Cruiser.Simply because the britsh mafia in Al Futaim predicted the future of this car=FAIL like the fail of Toyota Zelas that many people didn’t even hear about it.TOYOTA ZELAS WAS LAUNCHED AT 95,000 AED and they ended by begging people to buy it at 79,000 AED,same car ,same year model.I cannot describe the few people who will buy this car as smart people simply because if they will wait for some months they will see that the price of this vehicle will drop down like what happened with toyota zelas.My only advice to the ones who wants to buy it,WAIT FEW MONTHS AND SEE THE PRICE DIFFERENCE!

    • british mafia ??

    • He’s referring to the top management of Al Futtaim being all whites ( I dunno if British), which is true…

    • Author

      I’m not sure where this conversation is headed, but I’ll delete anything that takes a racial turn. And I have already.

    • Its headed nowhere in that direction, Was just answering gs2’s question…

  17. If it’s non appropriate words or comments please do, but in the same time we want transparency and freedom of opinion.So please don’t delete comments that you don’t agree.

  18. Checked out this car yesterday…

    The grande spec is really luxurious, but why did they have to make the tacky bolt on spoiler standard ???? I would have bought it if they didn’t insist on selling it with the spoiler…
    Make up your mind Al Futtaim… If you are selling the car as a luxurious grande, dont try to make it appeal to the youngsters by making it a ‘bit’ sporty by putting a ridiculously ‘aggressive’ spoiler :/ Let the se be the se and the grande a grande !!!

  19. i too had a peak at the Grande and the sport version in the festival city showroom.

    first the sport version, it looked good BUT there wont be takers for it unless you are a 25 year old with a 35 year old mentality plus salary…

    Another thing is issue with the red aurion demo piece that is sitting with leather seats.. however when i asked the sales executive (order takers really they have less sales skills than a libary administrator) about the price it was 115k with out leather… he stated the red leather equipped demo aurion was just for show….sign…

    any way Grande version looked much more promising like a more “complete” looking saloon, the 4 spoke steering, rear sun shakes, a nice interior than the camry, and v6 engine, sunroof + all the toys and fancy lights you would ever need….

    however i think it will still fail at AED 125k v AED 101k with really the only material difference being the engine it will be hard sell….at least to buys in dubai or shj were the extra power is almost point less….

    Abu Dhabi/Al Ain buyers would probably be more interested given the distance they would need cover, thier love affair with toyota and V6 cars.

    nice but not nice enough to be hit = FAIL

  20. Buy it and drive with Lexus motor and gearbox.although exterior is comparable with camry and the ugliest class D sedan,!

  21. Yesterday i saw Silver Aurion 2013 Sport with leather seats and sunroof but without navigation for 99,999 AED at Shaikh Zayed Showroom. Although car was not available for test drive. Value for money

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