Omani team wins Ford Focus Rabaa Rally

Omani team wins Ford Focus Rabaa Rally

Oman’s Team Qadiroon, comprising of Azzan Abdul Amir Hameed, Faisal Fadhil Mahmood Al Bakri and Issam Abdullah Said Al-Kharusi, won the Ford Focus Rabaa Inter-GCC Rally challenge last Sunday, part of a marketing stunt to promote the Ford Focus.

The results were announced by Ford Middle East after the conclusion of the final rally challenge at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Team Qadiroon emerged on top of the leaderboard after scoring 395 points, an achievement also made possible by some sort of online support from fans.

In second place came team I.C.T. from Qatar with a score of 360 points, closely followed by teams, Bahrain Youth Lions in with 350 points, and Saudi Bura Bura with 235. The UAE and Kuwaiti teams dropped out due to exhaustion.

The Ford Rabaa took teams through each of the Gulf states to compete in a series of tasks and challenges while driving across the countries. The teams were scored based on their skills and performance rather than speed. The level of online and offline participation and support of their country’s fans also played an important role in the scoring, as fans were able to take online challenges to help their team earn more points.

Radio DJ Dany Neville followed the progress of each team as the rally’s host. The saga was witnessed by Ford Middle East’s Facebook fans via daily video updates posted on its page at the social networking site.

Al-Yaqdan Alhooti, an avid supporter of the challenge who scored the most points in the online challenges also won in the “Pit Crew or Ford Focus Rabaa Fan” category. The winning team members and Al-Yaqdan Alhooti will receive a brand new 2012 Ford Focus model as their prize.

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