Nissan Sylphy concept hints at 2013 Tiida sedan

Nissan Sylphy concept hints at 2013 Tiida sedan

Nissan has revealed the Nissan Sylphy Concept, a compact sedan touted as a global car, which gives us every reason to think that we may quite possibly be looking at the future Nissan Tiida sedan. If we aren’t wrong with the thought, then the future looks exciting.

The Nissan Sylphy concept, which rather looks like a production-ready car, apparently keeps in line with the design model of the Nissan Maxima. The vehicle will be propelled by a new four-pot 1.8-litre engine featuring twin continuously variable valve timing control, hydrogen-free Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating on valve lifters resulting in reduced friction by up to 50%, and beehive valve springs to help reduce friction and inertial loss. The new engine is mated to Nissan’s next-generation Xtronic CVT transmission, which is smaller and lighter, compared to the previous generation transmission, all resulting in better fuel efficiency and emission levels.

Nissan also claims that the Sylphy concept boasts class-leading NVH levels and high-quality interior materials, while offering options like dual-zone air conditioning, intelligent key and keyless push-button ignition, LED daytime running lamps, LED tail lamps and much more.

Though there is no word on detailed specifications and pricing, the Nissan Sylphy concept is expected to be in production and roll out in the Chinese market soon this year, before eventually making it to several other countries worldwide by 2014, which may include the UAE and other GCC countries as well.

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  1. maximas of different sizes i suppose. First the altima and now the sylphy aka tiida…..lols

  2. Heard a similar talk about the new shape Tiida hatchback getting the updated CVT, but I have my doubts about twin continuously variable valve timing controlled engine coming here ( hatchback or sedan) we will get the same engine minus that. ( take the Sunny as an example – the ones we get here is makes on 99bhp, while the international variants ( US, China, and some other markets get the same engine with twin CVVT and producing about 109 bhp)…even 10 horses in this class is helpul. So i am presuming the same will apply in the Tiida. What I will be really looking out for is the Tiida turbo ( with the Juke 1.6 turbo engine) that is kick-ass

  3. niceeee i like ittt

  4. Good take on the Lexus design from 2009… would buy if priced right, they need to consider that a small SUV is being sold in the same showroom for 20 K aed less than current Tiida. Granted that aint a Nissan itself, but still.

  5. this is replacement for the sentra sedans of american market..competeting directly with corolla, civic etc…replacement for tiida sedan is sunny…we never got sentras here and GCC market didnt have a direct competition for corolla and civic since long as sunny n tiida both were competing with yaris, city etc…hope to see this commin to GCC…

  6. A great alternate to current Sunny which is underpowered. I believe it will replace the current Tiida. Overall very great looks interior and drivetrains.

  7. Okay it looks way better than the old Tida there’s no argue about that.But the have the car companies lost their creativity ? ,they design one car and then they do some minor changes in it’s looks,resize it and BAM ,you have another model :S

  8. All the cars these days are beginning to look the same. Nevertheless, this is a pretty good looking car.

  9. I’m planning to buy the current sylphy but by looking at this new replacement. i would think twice, this one have everythg i wanted for a car but in malaysia, the only thing that stand between the car is the price. ETCM bring this baby to malaysia asap n at reasonable price.

  10. Hi,
    When can we expect the same in UAE?

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