BMW i3 decked up for BMW i Store opening

BMW i3 decked up for BMW i Store opening

German auto-manufacturer BMW have showcased a new luxury edition of the i3 Concept as part of the inaugural jubilations for the manufacturer’s first i Store in London.

The designers for this electric i3 have shown greater enthusiasm for sustainability. The wood trim is carved from Eucalyptus trees harvested in Europe, and the leather is tanned using a special olive tree extract instead of chemical alternatives.

The cabin is equipped with retro-style bench seats in the front and rear, allowing for easy ingress and egress. The driver gets to access vehicle information, climate control and entertainment options from three displays which has helped BMW to do without a centre console.

Propulsion comes from a 170 hp electric motor with 230 Nm of torque, good enough to help the i3 to get to 100 kph from a standstill in under eight seconds and go all the way to a 150 kph top speed. Matched to the motor is a single-speed transmission.

The concept relies on lithium-ion batteries, which takes approximately six hours for a full charge via a standard socket or just an hour using a quick charger. The expected range is between 130 to 160 km. The actual production car should debut by next year, and has been spotted in Dubai undergoing hot-weather testing.

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