Switzer reveals 1000+ hp Nissan GT-R Ultimate Street Edition

Switzer reveals 1000+ hp Nissan GT-R Ultimate Street Edition

Switzer Performance, tuning specialists based in Ohio, has revealed their latest creation – a 1000+ hp Nissan GT-R. But make no mistake, this is no monster meant to be confined to the local drag strip; instead, the engineers at Switzer has managed to create a supercar with better road manners which, as claimed by Switzer, can be comfortably used for the routine soccer-mom chores without scaring the crap out of a budget sedan in the next lane. With the “Ultimate Street Edition” moniker, this supercar boasts no harshness generally associated with the performance-tuned vehicles.

That said, once out in an open highway, the well-mannered automobile transforms into the beast it is supposed to be, says Switzer. While the 3.8-litre six-banger has been left in its stock form, it is mated to an all-new transmission built in liaison with Shepherd Transmissions, and surrounded by a pair of liquid-cooled turbochargers, front-mounted intercoolers, front-mounted radiator and transmission cooler. Other modifications include powertrain components such as Switzer-specific pistons, pins, rings, connecting rods and camshafts, Switzer’s stainless-steel performance exhaust with variable noise, lowering springs, Switzer Signature alloy wheels wearing regular performance tyres, nano-carbon brake-pads, and a remapped ECU.

There is no price tag revealed for the Nissan GT-R ”Ultimate Street Edition” from Switzer. However, considering that the factory Nissan GT-R costs far more than just peanuts, we guess we know what prices to speculate when it comes to this performance-modified GT-R.

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  1. IF ITS 1000+ Y IT CANT BEAT BUGATTI ??????

  2. it can beat buggati

  3. I just ordered one but I might change my mind. Its either this GTR or the new nissan sunny. tough choice!

    • Who cares GTR or Sunny or Yaris or BMW all have to be driven on same road under same limits in a proton can drive above speed limits, so doesn’t matter if you think this way.

  4. New stock 2013 911 turbo s is enough for this Godzilla

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